Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yard Duty - Mixed Business

Recently I was listening to a nice Hand Games mixtape of recent music and one of the standout tracks was "Vierboom's Room" by the Sydney trio Yard Duty.  I said to myself "someone should be telling people about these guys.  Someone like a music writer."  Then, I remembered that I pretend to be a music writer.  So here I am, writing about Yard Duty.

The band is comprised of John, Zacc and Max, and was formed in 2012.  They released their first album, Mixed Business, last month.  The drums and bass provide a rock-solid structure for the punk/garage guitars.  Depending on the requirements of the song, the vocals vary among singing, shout/sing, and a talk/sing.  The topics covered are not paying taxes, inept attempts at yoga in the name of love, talk radio, and losing virginity to a girl wearing ninja turtle underwear.  The overall effect is raw, familiar and endearing.  It's guys from the suburbs describing their lives (OK, there may be some artistic license), and many of us wish we could do it as well.

But to ease any feelings of envy, Yard Duty is offering the album for "name your price".  You can stream it here, and don't miss track six -- the aforementioned"Vierboom's Room".  I would embed it separately, but their is a fault in the Bandcamp load that prevents it.  If you like the album, hit the Bandcamp link and find a happy ending.


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Unknown said...

Yard Duty are making some seriously rad tunes!