Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"December Ice" (The Bats) / "Widow Maker" (Boomgates) split 7"

Australian labels Mistletone and Bedroom Suck are making my fall much, much better.  As part of Melbourne Music Week (11/25 - 11/24) they are releasing a two track split single featuring songs from one of my all-time favorite bands, The Bats, and one of my favorite finds of the last few years, Boomgates.  The vinyl version will be available November 1 and can be pre-ordered from either of the labels.  And if you want the vinyl, you are best advised to pre-order because I think it very unlikely that any copies of this limited run will be available by November.  The digital versions of each song are available now, and rumor is that the Bedroom Suck server crashed when business opened for the digital of "Widow Maker".

"December Ice" was recorded in the sessions for The Bats most recent LP, Free All The Monsters.  "Widow Maker" is the first release from Boomgates since 2012's Double Natural.

Mistletone page for split 7"
Bedroom Suck Records page for split 7"
Website for Melbourne Music Week

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