Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Eversons - Stuck In New Zealand

The Eversons were a New Zealand band, and now they are a British band.  Impeccable timing, boys -- just in time to try to break into the European market while Brexit trashes everything.  So we may not ask the band for career tips or stock market plays, but we are big fans of the music.  On their recent album, Stuck In New Zealand, The Eversons fashion indie rock with plenty of melody and hooks, beats that invite dancing, and a lot of humor.  Yes, they really are funny, and they have the kind of humor that may have you asking "are they really singing that? Awesome!"  And if the humor has a bite, you can always pretend that it is about someone else.

The style covers modern indie rock, '70s classic rock, a bit of glam, some jangle and bubblegum.  The two lead singers occupy their roles in the stories with conviction.  This album is excellent rock music, and a lot of fun.  It is available on Lil' Chief Records; see the Bandcamp link.


Lula Pena - Archivo Pittoresco

Archivo Pittoresco is a treasure box of an album, and a strong argument for embracing variety in life.  The work of Portuguese artist Lula Pena, the lyrics are sourced from various writers, as well as Pena herself.  She sings in her native language, French, English, Spanish, Greek, and Italian.  Pena is accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, but with her gorgeous voice and impeccable phrasing, anything else likely would be a distraction.

The songs are gentle and flowing, including folk, French chanson, fado and bossa nova styles, among others, but all elements yield to Pena's inspired interpretations.  Pena has written that the album is based on 19th century landscape painters.  With my limited language facility, I confess to be a bit adrift in following that part of the plot, but my deficiencies in that regard to not affect my appreciation for the music.

Archivo Pittoresco is out now via Belgian label Crammed Discs.

Crammed Discs page for album

Monday, January 30, 2017

"Comb My Hair" by Coast Modern

 We think that Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas, more concisely known as Coast Modern, are an electro-pop band that is poised for breakout.  After all, they have featured several times in the influential When You Motor Away blog, as well as other, lesser publications.  The LA duo's latest creation is "Comb My Hair".  I think it is a fine song even though I never comb my hair; I just let it curl up the way it wants to.  Live and let live, and all that ...


Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Cascais" by Mumrunner

If you aren't a regular reader of these pages, you may not be familiar with Mumrunner, which simply is one of the best new guitar bands you haven't heard of.  Regular readers already know this, and feel superior to you.  Get used to it.

We featured the band's Gentle Slopes EP last September (link) and are of the opinion that it is one of the better EPs released last year.  The excellent third track of that record, "Cascais", is the subject of the band's first ever video.  View the video below, and stream/buy the entire EP at the Bandcamp link.

Bandcamp for Gentle Slopes EP

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In celebration of Burns Night

Tonight is Burns Night, the celebration of Scotland's bard, Robert Burns.  For your listening pleasure we have two streams of Scottish band Camera Obscura's performances of Burns' poems set to music.  Both sessions were recorded at the BBC show hosted by the great, late John Peel.

Camera Obscura's webpage
Camera Obscura on Facebook
Camera Obscura on Twitter

"Ride It Out" video by Redspencer

Sometimes we would like to promote our favorite bands and their recent albums more than once.  But the Society for Music Blogger Standards has advised us that we won't be invited to next year's SMBS annual ball if we lamely repost a recent feature.  And we really like an excuse to pull out the dress kilt and not wear underwear.  So, while we've wanted to remind everyone about Perks, the fine debut album by Melbourne's Redspencer, we felt our hands were tied.  Fortunately, the band helped us out by making this hazy gem of a video for chill album track "Ride It Out".  Thus, we can now urge you to enjoy the song and video, and check out our feature from November (link).  Need we point out that Redspencer is our favorite kind of spencer?

Link to purchase Perks
Deaf Ambitions

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pierre & Bastien - Musique Grecque

Look behind the name Pierre & Bastien, and you will find no Pierre, no Bastien, and no duo (although they were a duo before they added a live drummer).  Instead you will find Paul Jimenes, Baptiste Nollet and Frédéric Trux, three Frenchmen who offer tightly wound punk rock.  On their most recent album, Musique Grecque, the guitars chug and buzz, and Frédéric's drums relentless push a brisk pace.  The urgently voiced lyrics are in French, but I found that fact neither distracting nor detracting.  If you are a fan of The Wire, Terry Malts, or Parquet Courts, you owe it to yourself to give this record a spin.

Musique Grecque is out now via SDZ Records.   It is available in a limited run of vinyl, but the digital download is available for 'name your price'.

Bandcamp for album
SDZ Records

Monday, January 23, 2017

Shredd - Every Time We Meet I Want To Die

One thing that is true about the Glasgow pop scene is that if Fuzzkill Records discovers you, you are worth discovering.  The label finds talent, nurtures it, puts out their music and then, maybe, kisses them goodbye when they move on.  Some detractors say that the nurturing really is bit of machinery and lots of beer, and I respond that there is no proof that nurturing is limited to such things, and, in any case, it sounds very nurturing to me.  And one cannot argue with the results.

Today's edition of art-to-save-humanity from Fuzzkill is the Glasgow trio Shredd.  Shredd is fond of big slabs of garage rock supporting some sweet hooks and harmonies.  Their three-song EP Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is out now, and it is a killer calling card.  I listened to opener "Hideout", and said to myself 'this will be the best track, but lets see what else they have'.  Then I listened to "I'll Leave It", and congratulated myself for not telling anyone that "Hideout" was the best track, because I'd probably have to argue with those who felt the second track is the best.  And then I heard the third song, "The Switch", which is, in fact, my favorite song.  This EP has all of the vitality and immediacy of a live recording, with the added benefit that you don't even need to put on your trousers to enjoy it (although if you are dancing in front of your window, consider local ordinances).

Shredd are Chris Harvie, Mark Macdonald, and Calum Wilson.  Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is out now in cassette and digital formats via Fuzzkill Records.

Bandcamp for Everytime We Meet I Want To Die
Fuzzkill Records

Fabulous Downey Brothers - TURF

Today we bring you the survivors of the urban wilds of Tacoma, Washington -- The Fabulous Downey Brothers.  We must admit, however, that the music suggests that the origins of the band may be, quite literally, out of this world.  But that impression could also be related to the fact that his band actually has their own line of legal marijuana.  Eat your heart out, Snoop!

TURF, the band's new five-song EP, is full of fun, zany observations about life, and a dominant, surging lower register rhythm that begs to be on the playlist for your next party.  Check out of few of the party-starters below, and stream the entire EP at the Bandcamp link below.  And to thank you for reading today, we'll share a couple of special secrets: (1) The band members are not all from the Downey family; (2) The band members are not all brothers.  Did we tell you about the weed?  I don't remember.

TURF is out now via home town label Swoon Records.

Bandcamp for Turf
Swoon Records

"Benefits of Solitude" by Dag

"Benefits of Solitude" is the perfect mix of jangle pop and country rock, which is more than enough to earn your attention.  But there is more -- the song is the title track and third single from the debut LP from Melbourne's Dag.  The album will be released by Bedroom Suck Records in Australia and Omnian Music Group in North America on February 24, and it is a release we've been eagerly anticipating.  "Benefits of Solitude" addresses the impact of living in isolation.

And as a reminder, we've also included a stream of another single from the album, the lovely "Guards Down".

Dag are Dusty McCord-Anastassiou (vocals/guitar/keys/percussion), Josh Watson (bass/violin/percussion), Matthew Ford (drums), and Skye McNicol (violin).  Heidi Cutlack supplied backing vocals and Henry Mills played the sax.

Pre-order page for vinyl version
Bandcamp page for digital version
Omnian pre-order page

Friday, January 20, 2017

Perry Brown - Become My Blood

Last week I found myself wondering what had become of one of my favorite American indie labels, Georgia-based This Is American Music.  In a satisfying coincidence of timing, the label alerted me to their first release in a while, Become My Blood by Troy, Alabama's Perry Brown.  For his solo album, Perry -- whose main musical job is frontman for southern rock band Fire Mountain -- tackles themes of relationships and family.  Perhaps not classic rock fare, but music is all about the execution and Brown's songwriting and performance here is first class.  The songs have a graceful intensity, and genuine humility in celebrating the connections that bind us together.  Become My Blood sparkles musically, and sparkles with sincerity and hope as well.  What a great record to help start out 2017 in music.

Bandcamp for Become My Blood

"Passing Thing" and "Contact" by Froth

Some bands are active, and then cease being productive and are no more than fake bands.  Southern California's Froth started out as a fake band, and then became a real band.  And apparently they find the real band life satisfactory, as they are about to release their third album, Outside (Briefly), via Wichita Recordings.  We think Froth has a great sound, with elements of shoegaze, garage and psychedelia.  Here are two cuts from the new album for your Friday pleasure.

Wichita Recordings

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Julie's Place" by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Last week a contact sent me an email with a note about a Melbourne band's new video.  Despite writing up a lot of bands from that fair city over the years, I wasn't familiar with this one.  And given the distinctive name - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - I think I would have remembered running across them.  However, this is one area of life in which there is no prize for being first, and thankfully, no penalty for being tardy.  So today we'll bring you the latest single by the five-piece and advise you to look for their upcoming Sub Pop debut, The French Press EP, which will be released in March.  And based on the songs from it I've heard, you also are advised to track down a copy of their 2016 album Talk Tight.  Doing so is on my to do list instead of attending the Inauguration -- priorities, folks, priorities.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are Tom Russo, Joe Russo, Joe White, Fran Keaney, and Marcel Tussie.

Sub Pop

The Sin In Wisconsin Vol. 1

It should come as no surprise that there are people in the United States who are less than thrilled with the results of the recent election.  Of course, this is the case with every election -- even with "landslide" victories (which this was not) there are millions who voted the other way.  But we are here to write about some of the disappointed people who aren't just sitting around complaining.  They are picking a cause that matters to them and working to support it.  These people are members of bands that have at least one member from the state of Wisconsin, the home state of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House and a man with enough front to lie about past athletic success, and then lie about his lie, but who can't bring himself to stand up to Trump very often.  These musicians have named their effort Wisconsinites for Planned Parenthood, and they have recorded an EP titled The Sin In Wisconsin Vol. 1.  The EP is available for pre-order at the Bandcamp link below, which also contains a link for further contributions for Planned Parenthood, an organization that likely is in danger under the incoming Administration and Congress.  The six bands also are performing at a fundraising event for Planned Parenthood at the venerable Sunset Tavern in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood tomorrow night, January 19.  I've linked the Facebook page for the event and for the Sunset Tavern below.

The project is headed by Seattle musician and Wisconsin native Sam Russell.  If I understand correctly, other Wisconsinites, and their bands, are Caleb Bue of Caleb & Walter, Jason Goessl, and Bart Cameron of the Foghorns, among others.  I may not have all the facts correct, but if Trump and Congress don't care about the truth, ethics or conflicts of interest, should anyone really care about things like facts?

To whet your appetite, here is the contribution from Sam Russell and the Harborrats:

Bandcamp for The Sin In Wisconsin Vol. 1
Facebook page for fundraising event
Sunset Tavern

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hi-Tec Emotions - Hard To Handle

Melbourne's Hi-Tec Emotions are very good young band.  They also have become our favorite substitute for energy gels.  The trio refers to their music as "glow wave", but in case your favorite music glossary isn't handy, it seems to refer to a blend of punk and new wave.  Your introduction to them is via Hard To Handle, a rush of tempo and energy with a sharp edge and a big heart.  The band eschews guitars, relying on a keys, bass and drum format, but you'll probably be surprised by how little you will notice that decision.  Your focus is drawn to the heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics, frenetic pace and, most of all, Ema Dunstan's '80s style vocals.  The closing "Iridescent" shows the band is capable of a lovely ballad, but until that point this album is the best possible companion for completing your to-do list in record time with a big smile on your face.

Hi-Tec Emotions are Ema Dunstan, Jess Lakotosh, and Mackenzie Randall.  Hard to Handle is out now in digital and cassette formats via Listen Records.

Bandcamp for Hard to Handle
Listen Records

Monday, January 16, 2017

In December we featured Simple Is Good, the excellent EP by Edinburgh's Meursault (link).  The band just released a video for the intense second track, "Gaslight", and we think it is well worth sharing.

Meursault - By Gaslight from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Bandcamp for Simple Is Good

The Proper Ornaments - Foxhole

We first became familiar with singer, songwriter and guitarist James Hoare via Veronica Falls.  Although that band appears to be dormant, Hoare has continued to create music in Ultimate Painting, assisting Peter Astor, and today's subject, The Proper Ornaments.  In The Proper Ornaments Hoare teams up with Max Oscarnold (also known as Max Claps) of Toy and Pink Flames.  After a couple of early, limited distribution releases, they dropped their first LP in 2014, the well received Wooden Head.  A bit over two years later we have the pleasure of addressing the follow-up, Foxhole.

In certain respects, the new album echoes its predecessor.  The songs are mid-tempo, with sunny melodies walking the line between psychedelic pop, Syd Barrett, and The Velvet Underground.  The vocals gently voice moody lyrics, creating an atmosphere that can be dark, but not ominous.  However, Foxhole is not WoodenHead.20.  The guitar sounds lines are simpler and clearer, with less distortion, and the arrangements benefit from the addition of pianos.  And while there was an element of chaos in and behind Wooden Head, Foxhole emanates calm and a certain contentment nestled in the gentle hooks.  And we could all use a bit of calm and contentment these days.

In addition to Hoare and Oscarnold, The Proper Ornaments for Foxhole include Daniel Nellis on bass and Bobby Syme on drums.  The album is out on Friday, January 20, via Slumberland Records and Tough Love Records.

Slumberland Records
Tough Love Records

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Lonely Holiday" by Skytone

Skytone, our favorite Canadian jangle poppers have release another gem of a name-your-price single to get you through the winter weekend.  Happy Friday!

The Beautiful Music (label)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Half Japanese - Hear The Lions Roar

Hear The Lions Roar, the new album by Half Japanese, was one of the first 2017 releases to hit my inbox, and it remains one of my favorite.  With the humor, eccentricity and devotion to rhythm that marks a Half Japanese album, but the pop smarts and punk rock swagger to keep it in sweet spot for any intelligent listener, it is accessible and full of delights.  And because of its punk roots, it is music that should be heard rather than dissected on a page (virtual or otherwise).  So we've given you a couple of clips below, and urge you to visit the Bandcamp link.  We'll leave you with our conclusion that perhaps Half Japanese's greatest talent is producing a sound that fits in punk's DIY channel while still impressing the hell out of you with what they have wrought.

For Hear The Lions Roar Half Japanese are John Sluggett (guitar/keys/timbales), Gilles-Vincent Rieder (drums/percussion/keys), Jason Willett (bass/keys), Mick Hobbs (guitar/glockenspiel) and Jad Fair (vocals).  The album is out as of January 13 via Fire Records.

Jad Fair's website
Bandcamp for Hear The Lions Roar
Fire Records page for album

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Rentiers - Bring Me The Finest World Map Shower Curtain In All The Land

Philadelphia musician (and college professor) Joel Tannenbaum has been with Plow United, Snow Fairies, Skywriters, Ex-Friends and other bands, playing indie pop and punk.  But for the past few years he also has been recording songs under the banner The Rentiers.  His collaborators on the project vary, but he, and often a female co-vocalist, voice the songs.  Jigsaw Records is releasing a 17-song collection this week succinctly titled Bring Me The Finest World Map Shower Curtain In All The Land and including most of the band's recorded output.  The storytelling here is engaging and fun, and all the hooks and crunches are perfectly placed.  In fact, the flow is so good that the listener might miss just how much talent it takes to make it sound so effortless.  The Rentiers rip through driving country-tinged rockers, punk pop, a bit of reggae, and lots of good old crunchy indie rock.  True or not, it sounds like one of those album that was almost as enjoyable to make as it is to hear.

Bring Me The Finest World Map Shower Curtain In All The Land is available in digital and CD formats -- see the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for album


Lost Tapes - We Thought It Was Okay At The Time (2013-2015)

Lost Tapes is a Catalan duo evincing a formidable talent for earworms.  To date most of their music has been released as 7" singles and digital downloads.  Their debut album Let's Get Lost was released in early 2016, but the enterprising tastemakers at Shelflife Records deemed the band's output of the previous three years too good to not be collected and presented to the public in a single package, and they are absolutely correct.  So here we are with We Thought It Was Okay At The Time (2013-2015), 14 tracks of dream and jangle pop with warm melodies, welcoming vocals and endearing hooks.

Lost Tapes is Pau Roca (formerly of La Habitacion Roja) and RJ Sinclair (formerly of Tokyo Sex Destruction).  I suspect they are aware of those who have jangled and dreamt before them, including The Pastels, various C86 bands and The Close Lobsters.  But their music only hints at the nostalgia, as they carve their own path as one of the better dreampop bands playing today.  I've had this record in rotation for over a month now, and can't bring myself to replace it.  Actually, I can't think why I would want to do so.  This is top stuff, indie pop fans.

We Thought It Was Okay at the Time (2013-2015) is available in vinyl, CD and digital formats from Shelflife Records.

Shelflife Records page for album
Shelflife Records

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Milk! Records 2016! - Free Sampler

In addition to being one of our favorite rockers, Courtney Barnett runs Melbourne's Milk! Records with her partner Jen Cloher.  Being very nice people, they put together an eight-track sampler of songs by artists who have released records on their label.  And it is available for 'name your price'.  The only thing we'll add is that you are crazy if you don't grab yourself a copy.  Then check out more by these great musicians.

Bandcamp page
Website for Milk! Records
Milk! Records on Facebook
Twitter for Milk! Records

"Out Of Time" by Smokescreens

Do you like noisy jangle pop like we like noisy jangle pop?  If so, your new favorite discovery may be Los Angeles four piece Smokescreens.  Originally consisting of Corey Cunningham of Terry Malts and Chris Rosi of Plateaus, both of which have been featured on these pages, the band recorded a self-titled album that will be released on February 2 via Parked In Hell.  The band now also includes Brice Bradley and Jenny Moffett.

Sample the wonderful New Zealand-influenced sound on "Out of Time", which is the first single from the album.

Bandcamp for "Out of Time"
Parked In Hell

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Clean - Getaway (reissue)

One of the most enduring of the southern hemisphere indie rocker bands are New Zealand's The Clean.  Perhaps one of the reasons for their longevity is that they are not The Clean 24/7.  Brothers David and Hamish Kilgour have other projects, and Robert Scott has The Bats and his solo work as well.  So the members live their lives and get together from time to time to be The Clean.  The trio hasn't graced us with an album of new material since Mr. Pop in the latter half of the '00s, but Merge Records is stepping in to fill our need for more material.  In this case, the label has taken the band's 2001 album Getaway, which was a CD-only release, and reissued it in vinyl form.

And to call it a reissue really doesn't do it justice.  The package is a two-LP/2-CD release (also available in digital form) with the original album plus live recordings of songs from two rare records (Slush Fund and Syd's Pink Wiring System) which had only been released in New Zealand.  The songs are remastered to great effect, which always draws listeners.  But for me the magic is the breadth of the band's sweet spot.  Of course the collection contains the jangling, scrappy type of songs one would expect from a Dunedin outfit.  But their are delicious folk tinged songs, psychedelic tapestries, satisfying instrumentals, and a few country rock tunes.  And the second disc serves to remind all of us why The Clean is such a popular live band.

So even if you are a fan and, like all of us here at WYMA, already owned Getaway, there are compelling reasons to grab this reissue (check out "Do Your Thing" below for one stellar example); and note that the vinyl comes with a digital download code.  If you don't have Getaway, this is your chance to get a great album with timeless guitar pop at an attractive price.  And if you are keeping score, this is one of the best reissues of 2016.

Bandcamp page for release
Merge Records page for The Clean

Car Seat Headrest - Teens Of Denial

Will Toledo has written an impressive number of songs, especially considering his age.  For several years they were available on the internet, but didn't attract the level of attention a serious young musician desires.  But when the young Virginian moved to Seattle and re-recorded the best of his past songs under the name Car Seat Headrest, the result was a 2015 Matador Records release called Teens of Style (our feature here).  The next year brought Toledo's debut album of new material, Teens of Denial, also on Matador.  It was released in the first half of the year, but distribution was disrupted due to a legal dispute regarding a snippet borrowed from a Cars' song.  But despite the stuttering roll out, the album can be found on a number of year end lists.  And for very good reason.

For this outing Toledo chose to compose a song cycle about Joe, a young man dealing with the life challenges of his late teens and early 20s.  I know you may be thinking "I got through that period, who cares?", but I think that misses the point.  You may not care about Joe or his struggles, but what likely will connect is the classic rock presentation, the smart lyrical constructions, the ambitious arrangements, effective performances, and -- refreshingly -- the very un-rock-god perspective on Joe's travails.  Yes, drug trips can be bad, live can suck, and complaining about life sucking can be its own ironic loop.  Teams of Denial has a certified rock heart, and boasts a very good brain as well.  Think Guided By Voices covering songs by James Mercer and Joe Jackson.  It is a great trip and a record to keep in rotation.

For Teens of Denial, Car Seat Headrest are Will Toledo, Ethan Ives, Andrew Katz, Seth Dalby, Jon Maus, Nick Shadel, and Jim DeJoie.

Bandcamp for Teens Of Denial

Thursday, January 5, 2017

His Clancyness - Isolation Culture

His Clancyness originally was the solo project of Canadian Jonathan Clancy, but it has evolved into a Canadian/Italian band currently residing in Italy.  Their second LP, Isolation Culture, was released in October 2016 and it has been a regular in my rotation for a couple of months.  I've spent more than a little time wondering why it hasn't received greater recognition, although I eventually realized that if I didn't bestir myself to write about it, I was part of the problem.  I hate it when that happens.

Isolation Culture challenges usual classification boundaries in that it is noise pop, dreampop, shoegaze, art rock, and lo-fi blended together in a thick but effervescent wall of melody.  If you question whether that should even work, consider War On Drugs and you have your answer. It is bright and pop-oriented without being slick or abandoning its rock roots.  We liked the first album from His Clancyness, but this effort is a major step forward.  Putting a finger on a favorite track necessitates ignoring a lot of worthies, but if I had to choose one, it would be the bubbling sunshine of "Dreams Building Dreams".  Stream it below, but then go to the Bandcamp page and get lost in one of the lost gems of 2016.

Isolation Culture is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula, Tannen Records and Maple Death Records.

Bandcamp for orders (and streams) in North America

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Broadway is one of those 'one-off' musical lightning strikes that is a joy for the lucky listeners that learn of it when released, and an object to be envied by those who learn of it later and have trouble finding a copy.  But because you read When You Motor Away, you are in the former group.  The album brings together Australian musicians Art Rush (who now is known as Joni Nelson Rush), Claire O'Meara, and David Nichols.  Nichols' other credits include The Cannanes, Huon, Driving Past, Fog & Ocean, and the revived Pip Proud.  Guitarist and songwriter O'Meara is a student and former member of Melbourne's Slight of Build.  Rush had embarked on a project to write and perform fifty albums on fifty shopping centers, with the material on Broadway intended as the tenth album (not a backstory often repeated, I'll wager).  The resulting album is eight melodic songs with incisive lyrics and top quality performances.  In our view, anyone who isn't a mall rat who feels targeted will find this an absolute delight.  And speaking of delight, catch the fiddle on "End of the Summer" which is among the treats embedded below.  You can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link, as well.

Broadway comes to us via those Flagstaff, Arizona tastemakers at Emotional Response Records.  See the Bandcamp link for the digital version, or the CD link for the physical copy.

Bandcamp for Broadway
Link to purchase Broadway CD


Monday, January 2, 2017

No Monster Club - Aardvark - Blessing

Dublin's No Monster Club has released their first record of the year.  It is titled Aardvark - Blessing, and in the spirit of peace, love, and who the hell needs to eat, it is available as a free download (although you are allowed to pay something for it if you choose, and if you do you are allowed unlimited Bandcamp streams).  So start out the year with Bobby Aherne's madcap indie pop.  By the way, Bobby wrote track 1 - "French Revolution", and Vince Collins and Lewis Motisher wrote track 2 - "Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes".

Bandcamp for Aardvark - Blessing