Friday, September 30, 2022

The Delgodos ride again


As music obsessives I don't think we are unusual in having a list of bands that have called it a day that we really wish would start recording and touring again. We are not talking about the musicians that have died, just those who for whatever reason stepped away from recording and performing. One of those bands prominent on our list is Glasgow band The Delgados. We own and still play a number of their releases, including The Great Eastern, Hate, Universal Audio, The Complete BBC Peel Sessions and Peloton. But they haven't released a new album or played together live since 2005. We had heard that the band didn't feel that their artistry was sufficiently appreciated, and we also expect that life may have made other demands on their time. It should be noted that they didn't completely leave the industry, as there were a few solo albums (we have one by Emma and I was listening to Alun's Lord Cut Glass album recently), excellent production work by Paul Savage, and running Chemikal Underground, the fine label they founded.

We recently learned that The Delgados are rehearsing and have announced a tour in January 2023. All the dates are in the UK between January 20 and January 25 in Brighton, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow. By now, some may be sold out but UK fans should check the band's website for dates and ticket availability. If one of the shows was near us, we would be there no matter the price. Sure, one of the members once disparaged the value of music blogs, but if we took such things seriously we would take advertising, accept payola, or respond in print to call attention to our presumed importance. We just can't hold a grudge about someone not valuing our hobby. 

And even if you don't have the resources to attend one of the reunion shows, take the opportunity to wander through their albums at the Bandcamp link and consider adding a few. The Delgados aren't fad music -- the quality endures.

The Delgados are Stewart Henderson (bass), Emma Pollock (vocal/guitar), Paul Savage (drums), and Alun Woodward (vocals/guitar).

Jim Nothing - In The Marigolds


What have we been listening to a lot lately? Nothing. That might seem strange for the executive team of the world famous When You Motor Away blog, but it is true. But details matter, and the 'nothing' that occupies our time isn't the sound of silence, but rather In The Marigolds, the new LP from New Zealand's Jim Nothing. The name of the project is striking, but inaccurate. First, the band consists or more than a man named Jim. There actually are three members: James Sullivan (vocals/guitar), Anita Clark (vocals/violin), and Brian Feary (drums). Second, the implication from the term "nothing" could be that there isn't much of consequence offered on the album. But as followers of the New Zealand scene would attest, any band comprised of members of Salad Boys, Wurld Series, The Phoenix Foundation, Motte and other projects is going to be well worth our time.

The songs on In The Marigolds tip the cap to a lot of the South Island bands that have thrilled us in the past, as well as the other projects of the band members. But a tip of the cap is just a reference point, not an imitation. Here Jim Nothing stitches a tapestry of jangle and guitar pop with accents of fuzz and scuzz. The rhythm section chugs with authority and the vocals have a slightly scuffed up charm. And it must be said that Anita Clark makes a strong case for the violin in a pop/rock band. In our view, this is one of those albums that you like quite a bit when you first hear it, and then you like it better each time you listen. We can't always define what 'our thing' is in music, but In The Marigolds is our thing.

All the songs on In The Marigolds were written by James Sullivan. Additional players were Ben Odering (bass) and Paul Brown (bass). The album is out now via Meritorio Records (EU) and Melted Ice Cream (NZ).



Bandcamp for In The Marigolds

The Radio Field - Simple EP


Jangling and chiming guitars for a Friday? Yes, please! Treat your ears to Simple EP by The Radio Field. TRF is new side project by Lars Schmidt (also a member of  Germany's Subterfuge Band). He has a couple of other projects as well. Apparently, Lars does not like to be idle, so the second German lock down prompted a purchase of a 12 string Rickenbacker and a bout or writing and recording. The result is to upbeat janglers and two more melancholy tunes.

Other contributors to the EP were Josephine De Mogan (backing vocals), Gustav Andrees (backing vocals), Daniel Klingen (drums/mixing), Kai Blankenberg (mastering), and Carsten Johannisbauer (artwork support). Simple EP is out today via Subterfuge Band's Less Records and Subjangle. By the way, Subterfuge Band released the very good Dots LP earlier this year (our feature here).




Bandcamp for Simple EP

Various links for EP

Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Beths - Expert In A Dying Field


Quite simply, The Beths are a terrific band. They are terrific now, and they would have been terrific if they were doing the same thing in the '80, '90s, or '00s. But happily for us, they are doing it now, and have done it in style on their new album Expert In A Dying Field.  

On the all important yardstick of songcraft, they ace the test: Elizabeth Stoke's lean but meaningful lyrics that make the right impact, wrapped in the band's tidy and varied arrangements and buoyed by expert musicianship and a palpable love of their craft. So that makes them a very good band. What makes them terrific is that they adorn their creations with riffs, runs, pauses and various other nuances that take a song that could be compared to a delicious cookie and make it into a song that could be compared to a wedding cake. Not overdone, mind you, just done right. We could write a number of sentences about the lyrical content, but it isn't our style to emphasize reading our words over your need to listen to the music. However, we think the title track is an excellent example of the band's intelligent an wry approach to a theme. One could assume that "Expert In A Dying Field" focused on some poor soul that finds his or her skills no longer in demand. And in a way, such is the case. But the specific subject is a protagonist whose relationship is ending, and all of the memories of and details about the departing partner -- a subject in which the protagonist has become an expert -- are now knowledge in the dying field of that relationship. And to be perfectly honest, reading our sentence describing the song points out to us how much better the band has expressed the same thing. So stop reading and start listening. 

The Beths are Elizabeth Stokes, Jonathan Pearce, Benjamin Sinclair, and Tristan Deck. Expert In A Dying Field will be out September 16 via Carpark Records (US) and Ivy League Records (Australia).




Bandcamp for Expert In A Dying Field

Various links for The Beths and Expert In A Dying Field

Red Pants - Gentle Centuries EP


We think that everyone should have Red Pants this season. No, we haven't switched our focus from indie music to style and apparel advice, although looking in the mirror confirms that we are most certainly qualified. The reference to colorful trousers in this post refers to the lo fi recording project of Madison, Wisconsin's Jason Lambeth. Jason and his friend Elsa Nekola spent time last winter noodling around in the studio, and decided to share five of the songs as the Gentle Centuries EP. It is interesting stuff, so dig in at the Bandcamp link. The EP is available now in digital or cassette plus digital formats via via Jason's Painted Blonde label. Orders come with a bonus EP of additional material from the recording sessions. And for those who want more, Red Pants featured here last February (link).




Bandcamp for Gentle Centuries

Jason's Patreon

"Hammers" by Melby


Is it here? Is it here? Is it here? No, Looks Like A Map by Swedish fourpiece Melby is not here yet. But lead track "Hammers" is the just released lead track, and it is an excellent reminder that this album should be on your 'must order' list. Melby has retained everything that made them fresh and exciting with their earliest recording, and has added additional thoughtful layers and nuance.

Melby are Teo Jernkvist Zurcher (drums/percussion), David Jehrlander (bass/synths), Are Engen Steinsholm (guitar/synths), and Matilda Wiezell (vocals/guitar). Looks Like A Map will be out October 21 via Rama Lama Records.




Bandcamp for album

Various links for "Hammers"

Label page for album orders

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

"Liquid Love" by No Zu


2022 continues to bring us happy surprises. In this instance it is the news of a November EP by Melbourne's No Zu. Creators of a heady, physical mix of funk, house, punk and whatever-the-hell-else-they-want-to-put-in that the band calls 'heat beat', they never fail to thrill the senses and move the feet. The EP, which appropriately is titled Heat Beat, will be out November 18 via Chapter Music. Take it for a test drive today via the first single, "Liquid Love". Is is a gooey, slimy delight.



Bandcamp for Heat Beat

Various links for single

Various links for No Zu

Thursday, September 22, 2022

"I Just Want To Paint You In Pictures" by Field School

 Well, well, well. This is a banner week for former members of late Seattle band Math and Physics Club. Yesterday we shared the first single from Model Shop, a trio which includes two M&PC alumni. Today we have a single from alum Charles Bert, aka Field School, whose upcoming debut LP When Summer Comes is set for a release this fall. Charles is an ace craftsman of sweet melodies and chiming and jangling guitars, so we expect good things. And based on the debut single "I Just Want To Paint You In Pictures", our expectations will be fulfilled.

When Summer Comes will be out November 18 via Bobo Integral Records.

Bandcamp for single

Various links for single

Bandcamp for When Summer Comes

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"Letters to Melissa" by Model Shop


Despite Model Shop being a new band with no discography to pour through, we can confidently predict that we will love their debut album, Love Interest. Is that due to their first single from the album, the upbeat and impossibly breezy "Letters to Melissa"? Well, that would be enough. But being professional amateur music blog writers we have an additional reason. We happen to know that the two gentlemen in the trio, Kevin and Ethan, were members of one of our all-time favorite Puget Sound area indie pop bands, the late Math and Physics Club. They are joined by Jen Fox (Julep, Way South, These People Here). The name of this new project has a similar vibe to M&PC, but the first single is decidedly less twee. We think treats are coming, boys and girls.

Model Shop are Kevin Emerson (vocals/drums), Jen Fox (Bass), and Ethan Jones (vocals/guitar). Love Interest will be released November 25 via Spanish label Meritorio Records. Note that US orders will shop from Portland, thus avoiding expensive shipping charges.


Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for Love Interest

Meritorio Records link for Love Interest

Friday, September 16, 2022

Quivers - touring the US and release new single


As the world comes to terms with the virus and its mutations, bands are starting to tour again. And that means music fans are checking the internet to find when their favorite bands hit the road. We here at WYMA have a suggestion for you -- don't just look for your favorite bands, also pay some attention to bands you haven't seen. Do we have a band in mind? Well, yes, thanks for asking. One of the ultra-fine Melbourne indie pop bands, Quivers, has commenced a tour in the United States. To whet the appetite of potential audience members, they have dropped a two track single this week. The record consists of  the achingly sweet "If Only" and a deliciously jangling cover of Lucinda Williams' "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad".

As for the tour, Boston and Brooklyn are in the rear view mirror and Philadelphia is tonight. Then it is D.C., Pittsburg, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle (with ourselves in attendance). The details of all of the shows are at the link at the bottom of this post.

Quivers are Bella Quinlan (vocals/bass), Sam Nicholson (guitar/vocals), Michael Panton (guitar/tape loops), and Holly Thomas (drums/percussion/vocals).





Bandcamp for single

Tour details


Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Orchids - Dreaming Kind


As it is September, we denizens of the Northern Hemisphere must resign ourselves to the end of the growing season (well, locally we still will have pumpkins). But the fine city of Glasgow now offers fresh orchids -- specifically the Dreaming Kind by the venerable The Orchids. One of the Sarah Records mainstays 'back in the day', this album is the band's first LP in eight years. Our most immediate thought upon hearing Dreaming Kind is how much we missed this band's art. Our second thought was 'this is no nostalgia effort--this is great new music". The songs are inspired indie pop at the highest level. The songwriting reflects power, passion and nuance in equal measure. But the icing on the cake (or the bloom on the orchid) is that there are no weak components. Vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, keys and production all star in their own right. Great songs, and a top 20 album for the year in our opinion.

The Orchids have been together for over 30 years, and have delivered multiple albums, compilations and singles. The current members are Ronnie Borland, James Hackett, Chris Quinn, John Scally, and Keith Sharp. Additional contributions to this recording were made by Ian Carmichael, Pauline Hynds Bari, and Paul Quinn.

Dreaming Kind is available now in CD, digital and vinyl formats with UK label Skepwax Records.



Bandcamp for Dreaming Kind

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

"Dlareme" and "Ponte" by Don Glori


Don Glori is a recent discovery, but the two singles from his upcoming album Welcome provide the midweek lift we needed. "Dlareme" and "Ponte" display the artist's love of Brazilian, funk and house music, as well as jazz. "Dlareme" is a particularly vivid explosion of sounds, while "Ponte" is a bit more nuanced. However, both are vibrant and uplifting, and we recommend them heartily.

Don Glori is the recording name used by Melbourne musician and composer Gordon Li. Welcome will be out October 14 via Bedroom Suck Records.



Pre-order link for Welcome

"Summer Girl" by Mary Anne's Polar Pig


We must admit that our collection of music by Mary Anne's Polar Pig is slight. But that is understandable because we just learned of the band in the past few hours. The Malmo, Sweden based duo of "Fast" Malin Hofvander and "Filthy" Harald Ingvarsson play a fresh brand of fuzzy, scuzzy indie rock. Melodic but aggressive, their new single "Summer Girl" hits us just where we want to be hit and takes us where we want to go.

"Summer Girl" is out now as a digital release via Rama Lama Records.



Bandcamp for "Summer Girl"

Various links for "Summer Girl"

Monday, September 12, 2022

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness - The Third Wave Of ...


In their third outing as The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness Andrew Taylor (also of Dropkick) and Gonzalo Marcos (also of El Palacio De Linares) have crafted an album that unspools like a top rated doctoral thesis in jangle pop and power pop. Listening to The Third Wave Of ..., you can guess the influences from Europe to the United States to New Zealand, but TBWTPN blend and evoke rather than imitate. The songs are consistently excellent which is all the remarkable because the duo reside in different countries (Scotland and Spain, respectively) and collaborate long distance. We note that "Isolation", the third track, also features vocals by Mary Lou Lord.

 The Third Wave Of ... is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Bobo Integral Records


Bandcamp for The Third Wave Of ...

"Latest Night" b/w "After All" by The Jeanines


Alice Jeanine and Jed Smith, aka The Jeanines, are back with a sweet single to treat our years. "Latest Night" and "After All" deliver the sort of wistful but upbeat guitar pop that many of us associate with the late Sarah Records label. And they produce the same sort of sighs, happy synapses, and replays. It is a released via Market Square Records. Get yourself a digital copy at the Bandcamp link. It also is available in vinyl.



Bandcamp for single

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Zac Denton - Love, Lust, Lost


Zac Denton created a plentitude of memorable music in his 24 years. He was a songwriter and performer in excellent projects The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch, Hobby Farm, No Local, Cool Sounds and Pregnancy. And that music stands as an enduring tribute to his talent, but also a reminder of his friendship and spirit to those who knew and loved him. We never met him, just having seen him perform with The Ocean Party at the Victory Lounge in Seattle a few years ago. But the care for his memory and music evinced by those left behind after his tragic death from a sudden illness at age 24 speak loudly for the kind of man he was. His brother and bandmate, Lachlan Denton, and other friends now have assembled a new collection of Zac's creations, consisting of 15 demos, outtakes, alternative versions and live performances. Aptly titled Love, Lust, Lost, it is a testament to the man's creativity and keen sense of musical expression, as well as his impact on those who knew him. Not surprisingly, the songs were minimally presented at this point, likely to be expanded and decorated if rerecorded for release. As such, what role does Love, Lust, Lost play in Zac Denton's discography? It seems to us that the album adds depth to understanding Zac's creative process, revealing the initial stages of creation. But that, admittedly geeky, attribute aside, for us it simply is a wonderful and intimate set of songs that rarely can be experienced and enjoyed in such a raw and unselfconscious stage.

Love, Lust, Lost, which will be released with Zak's first Hobby Farm (solo) album, Braeside, as a double gatefold via Spunk Records/Osborne Again (Aus/NZ), Emotional Response Records (US), and Lost and Lonesome (EU). The release date was August 26 -- Zac's Birthday.