Friday, September 30, 2022

The Radio Field - Simple EP


Jangling and chiming guitars for a Friday? Yes, please! Treat your ears to Simple EP by The Radio Field. TRF is new side project by Lars Schmidt (also a member of  Germany's Subterfuge Band). He has a couple of other projects as well. Apparently, Lars does not like to be idle, so the second German lock down prompted a purchase of a 12 string Rickenbacker and a bout or writing and recording. The result is to upbeat janglers and two more melancholy tunes.

Other contributors to the EP were Josephine De Mogan (backing vocals), Gustav Andrees (backing vocals), Daniel Klingen (drums/mixing), Kai Blankenberg (mastering), and Carsten Johannisbauer (artwork support). Simple EP is out today via Subterfuge Band's Less Records and Subjangle. By the way, Subterfuge Band released the very good Dots LP earlier this year (our feature here).




Bandcamp for Simple EP

Various links for EP

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