Friday, September 16, 2022

Quivers - touring the US and release new single


As the world comes to terms with the virus and its mutations, bands are starting to tour again. And that means music fans are checking the internet to find when their favorite bands hit the road. We here at WYMA have a suggestion for you -- don't just look for your favorite bands, also pay some attention to bands you haven't seen. Do we have a band in mind? Well, yes, thanks for asking. One of the ultra-fine Melbourne indie pop bands, Quivers, has commenced a tour in the United States. To whet the appetite of potential audience members, they have dropped a two track single this week. The record consists of  the achingly sweet "If Only" and a deliciously jangling cover of Lucinda Williams' "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad".

As for the tour, Boston and Brooklyn are in the rear view mirror and Philadelphia is tonight. Then it is D.C., Pittsburg, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle (with ourselves in attendance). The details of all of the shows are at the link at the bottom of this post.

Quivers are Bella Quinlan (vocals/bass), Sam Nicholson (guitar/vocals), Michael Panton (guitar/tape loops), and Holly Thomas (drums/percussion/vocals).





Bandcamp for single

Tour details


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