Monday, February 27, 2023

En Attendant Ana - Principia


Intriguing with their early releases, French band En Attendant Ana has continued to grow into a compelling artist. Their latest LP, the newly released Principia, showcases their dynamic and propulsive arrangements as a carrying vehicle for Margaux Bouchaudon's coolly incisive and self-reflective vocals. If the listener focuses solely on the vocals, the vibe is classic -- and almost glossy pop -- of a very high quality. But the forward push of the metronomic rhythm section, keys, sax and other instruments combine with the vocals to provide a vibrant and distinctive set of music.

Principia is out now via Trouble In Mind Records.




Bandcamp for Principia

The Telephone Numbers - Weird Sisters 7"

 After a week of visitors we are back to bring you news of quality indie music. We begin with the pop perfection of Weird Sisters, a two-track single by The Telephone Numbers. The project of San Francisco songwriter Thomas Rubenstein (whose terrific Ballad of Doug LP wowed us), it brings you the best of the two sides of jangling indie -- blissful and sunny on side A, and bittersweet and melancholy on side B. Great stuff, so dig in!

via Meritorio Records (Spain) and Prefect Records (UK).

Bandcamp for record

Link for UK purchasers

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

"You Look Right Through Me" and "Resolution (Happy New Year!)" by The Plus 4


This could be one of many readers' favorite posts in a long time. Why? 1. Because it introduces them to a great new band; and 2. We don't know enough about the band to bore everyone. What we do know is that the name of the band is The Plus 4, and they are based in the UK. Their sound is an appealing '60s throwback, and .... well, that's all we know.

The Plus 4 have released two singles so far in 2023, and we have been lucky enough to hear a third which will be coming soon. For now, you will have to be satisfied with "Your Look Right Through Me" and "Resolution (Happy New Year!)".



Bandcamp for "You Look Right Through Me"

Bandcamp For Resolution Happy New Year

Monday, February 20, 2023

Blues Lawyer - All In Good Time


It seems to us that the members of Bay Area band Blues Lawyer, when faced with choices ranging from melodic, hooky pop to punky rock, checked the "all of the above" box. Ambitious? Sure. Cocky? Maybe. But there is no doubt in our minds that on All In Good Time they killed it. The hooks and melodies bounce around happily in your noggin while the drums and bass feel like they are living inside your chest. This is what good rock music should feel like. And with 14 tracks, no one can complain about the value proposition here. Every song make a case for being your favorite. Fortunately, you don't have to choose.  We previously covered album tracks "Nowhere to Go" and "Chance Encounters", and while they are highlight tracks we think you deserve a broader dive into the noisy buffet. We selected a few of our favorites, but truthfully we could have thrown darts blindfolded (however, after the last time we did that our insurance broker had a word with us -- we shouldn't have left the window open).

Blues Lawyer are Elyse Schrock (drums/vocals), Rob I. Miller (vocals/guitar), Ellen Matthews (guitars), and Alejandra Alcala (bass/backing vocals). All In Good Time is out now via Dark Entries Records.



Bandcamp for album

Dark Entries Records

"I Wasn't Thinking At All" by Cold Irons Bound


Today's first featured tune is "I Wasn't Thinking At All" by Melbourne's Cold Irons Band. The four-piece has an appealing sound based in scrappy power pop with '90s distortion and an Americana vibe, and this song features both their rocking and Americana bona fides. We also should mention that our spouses endorse the notion that we at WYMA feature a song titled "I Wasn't Thinking At All". We aren't sure what they are hinting, but I'm sure it is loving and supportive.

The single is out now via Golden Robot Records. It is taken from the upcoming LP No Place I Can't Find You.

Cold Irons Bound are Mark Adams (guitars/vocals), Ben Carter (guitars/vocals), Sam Fiddian (bass/backing vocals), James Alderman (drums).



Links for single

Sunday, February 19, 2023

"Ride" by Nothing Natural


Welcome to the wonderfully dense and melodic sound of Nothing Natural. Seeming to be at the crossroads of '90s college rock and shoegaze, we find it captivating, soothing and thrilling. Check out "Ride", the single from their upcoming album NN.

Nothing Natural are Austin Montanari (guitar/vocals), Kristen Addison (bass/vocals), Dylan Lockey (drums), and Marc Leyda (guitar/sampling). NN will be out in early March in digital and cassette formats via DandyBoy Records.

Bandcamp for NN

"In Your Eyes" by National Honor Society


We spend a lot of time scouring the world (and wading through our email) to find indie music to showcase here. So it is slightly unnerving to be send music from a band that lives in our town but has heretofore been unknown to us. So we will welcome Seattle's National Honor Society to these pages at the same time that our millions of worldwide readers do. Please sample their dynamic and well polished pop song "In Your Eyes" below. It is taken from their upcoming LP All The Distance Between Us.

National Honor Society are Coulter Leslie, Jerry Peerson, Andrew Gaskin, and Will Hallauer. All The Distance Between Us will be out April 21 via Shelflife, Discos de Kirlian, and Subjangle. Check for your 'local' label among those to save shipping costs.


Friday, February 17, 2023

Cherry Fez - Honeycomb Tearoom


As we reach the end of the week a bit of jangling guitar pop is just what our ears demanded. And what our ears want, our ears get (well, excluding food, sex toys and large objects of course). Our dose of jangle comes courtesy of Todd Shuster (late of The Impossible Years) who, with the assistance of drummer Mark Hayner and recording as Cherry Fez, has gifted the world with Honeycomb Tearoom. It is great stuff with ten track delivering upbeat tunes and a few slow-burners. It is available for 'name your price' on Bandcamp so you have no excuse not to drop some coin on Cherry Fez and walk into the Honeycomb Tearoom. Note that the Bandcamp page links you to past gems from this project as well.


Bandcamp for Honeycomb Tearoom

"Out For Magic" by Death and Vanilla


Swedish masters of dreamy, dark dream pop Death and Vanilla are back in action for 2023. Their new album, the nine-track Flicker, will be out March 17 on vinyl, cassette and digital formats via Fire Records. The lead track is the upbeat "Out For Magic" and you can enjoy the video presentation below.

Death and Vanilla are Marleen Nilsson, Anders Hansson and Magnus Bodin.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

"Velvet Lovers" by Nate Wey and the Dreamers

 We've been awol for a few days (work/illness/skiing), so we thought we would celebrate our return with a thoroughly delicious free song titled "Velvet Lovers" by Portland, Oregon's Nate Wey and the Dreamers. The song is a mash up of Velvet Underground's Waiting for The Man and The Modern Lover's Roadrunner. So the songwriting credit belongs to Lou Reed and Jonathan Richman. But Nate gets the inspiration credit for the mash up. And lets not forget a round of applause for the Dreamers: Tobias Berblinger (keys), Christa Buckland (backing vocals), Kyle Cregan (drums), Leah Heuser (backing vocals), Sarah Nienaber (electric guitars). Nate provided vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, and keys. In addition to being a musician, he also is a sound mixer and composer.

Nate Wey's website

Friday, February 10, 2023

Dignan Porch - Electric Threads

When we last covered Dignan Porch they were camped out in South London. Since then main man Joe Walsh has moved to Manchester. But he still is writing music and thank the gods for that! His songs appear to have roots in '60s garage and folk rock, rinsed with psychedelia and jangle. It manages to simultaneously sound mysterious and innocent. And while it certainly isn't music aiming for the bullseye of any commercial channel, it is timeless music superbly crafted. We are going to be playing it for a long, long time.

Joe Walsh wrote, sang, and preformed most of the instruments on Electric Threads, although his brother Sam contributed as well. Electric Threads is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Hidden Bay Records (France), Safe Suburban Home (UK), and Repeating Cloud (US).

"I Hear Music" by The Sprouts

Today's first featured single is "I Hear Music" by The Sprouts. Note that these The Sprouts are not The Sprouts from Vancouver, British Columbia, but a newer project from Melbourne. And while the band is new to us, the members hail from such Australian worthies as Chook Race, Dippers (fka Thigh Master), Permits and Ill Globo, some of which have featured here in the past. While such familiarity preconditioned us to like the music, we think the tune is worthy all by itself. It chugs along in shaggy, earworm style and then gives us some shredding electric guitar to close. We like surprises!

The Sprouts are Rob Remedios, Innez Tulloch, Tom Marinelli and Matthew Ford. Eat Your Greens will be out March 24 via Tenth Court.

Bandcamp for pre-order of Eat Your Greens 

Monday, February 6, 2023

"Ways to Wear My Hair" by Mannone Alone


Let's begin the week with some sparkling indie pop, shall we? The artist is Mark Mannone, whose solo post-The Lucksmiths project is (almost) aptly titled Mannone Alone. We say "almost" because for this single Mark called on Joe Foley, Gus Franklin, and Louis Richter to flesh out "Ways to Wear My Hair". And a song this fine begs a question: Isn't 2023 time for another Mannone Alone LP? We certainly hope so. Meanwhile, enjoy a fine song, and presumable some hairstyle advice.

"Ways to Wear My Hair" is out via Melbourne's Lost and Lonesome Records, with a vinyl available via Finland's Royal Mint Records.



Sunday, February 5, 2023

"Too Late for an Early Grave" and "Life in the Void" by The Reds, Pinks & Purples


For indie music fans, we have had a good start to the year. And it going to get even better. How do we know? The Reds, Pinks & Purples have a new LP coming this spring. The first tracks available are "Too Late for an Early Grave" and "Life in the Void". It won't shock you to learn that we love the songs and very much look forward to the album. The album is called The Town That Cursed Your Name, and the songwriter helming the project advises that it is about trying to live while feeling compelled to make music.

The Town That Cursed Your Name will be out March 24 in digital and vinyl formats via Slumberland Records and Tough Love Records.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

John McCabe - Somehow Or Another (2017​-​2022 EPs and singles compilation)


With 26 songs and a range that encompasses Americana, alt country, indie rock and jangle, Somehow Or Another (2017​-​2022 EPs and singles compilation) has songs that are certain to please any indie fan. The artist is California singer, songwriter, and guitarist John McCabe. John has released five EPs and some singles since 2017, and this record collects all of them. The country/American-oriented material has heft and and authenticity. As for the songs in the pop and rock channel -- which, to our ears, is most of the album -- useful touchstones are R.E.M. and Miracle Legion (John's vocals even sound like Michael Stipe's). John's lyrical perspective seems to be the loner, looking in at the world. But the material isn't soft and mournful. His vocals adorn full-blooded electric guitar arrangements in overdrive. Quite simply, it sounds wonderful.

The album is out now via Janglepophub in digital and CD formats. By the way, John also plays in a band called Good At Rockets.




Bandcamp for Album