Sunday, February 25, 2024

"Clear" by Kaspar


The distinctive rumble of Moog synths introduce "Clear", the new single by Finnish band Kaspar. The lovely and sincere song is the band's first recording for their new label, Helsinki's Soliti Music. The single is paired with "Who Am I" which first became available in the autumn of 2023. Kaspar's music has always involved guitars in the past, so this synth outing is a new direction for them, and we think they are on to something good.

Kaspar is John McGregor, Mikael Hakkarainen, and Tuomas Hakkarainen. The released a full album in 2009. Both John and Mikael have worked as solo artists as well.



Bandcamp for "Clear"

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Bandcamp for "Who Am I" (fall 2023 single)

Thursday, February 22, 2024

"Girl 71" by The Jesus and Mary Chain


The highly anticipated return of The Jesus and Mary Chain via upcoming LP Glasgow Eyes now has a delayed release date of March 22. But any disappointment at the additional wait should be assuaged by the garage rock swagger of new single "Girl 71". For our ears, the song strips back the years and has us searching for our boots and leather jacket. An additional appealing element on this track is the backing vocals of Rachel Conte.

Note that a couple of vinyl versions of Glasgow Eyes have already sold out, so don't be coy about stepping up. The album will be release via Fuzz Club.



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"Learning To Love A Band" by The Reds, Pinks & Purples


Justifiably lauded for deft commentary on such topics as lost love and disappointments set to lovely melodies, Glenn Donaldson's The Reds, Pinks & Purples turns its weary eye towards the music industry itself on upcoming album Unwishing Well. They have Followed up initial single "Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit" with new single "Learning To Love A Band". We really like this song. It has a warmth and love of music as its core theme and, as always, the arrangement tugs at the heart.

For this recording The Reds, Pinks & Purples are Glenn and Kati Mishikian, Lewis Gallardo, Thomas Rubenstein and Daniel Pearce. Unwishing Well will be out April 12 in digital, vinyl and CD formats via Slumberland Records and Tough Love Records.



Bandcamp for Unwishing Well

Slumberland Records page for Unwishing Well

Tough Love Records page for Unwishing Well

Sunday, February 18, 2024

"Change" by Dancer


Assembling talent form several other Glasgow projects, Dancer is a rising star in the City's fertile music scene. Their new album 10 Songs I Hate About You is due March 15 via Meritorio Records, and we are expecting an exhilarating and diverse aural ride. The second single from the album is here now, and "Change" is indeed a bracing and jittery dose of pop that is, well, a change from the album's first single. So thinking a bit more about it, we expect good things but we can't really predict what form they will take. And that's ok, we like surprises.


Bandcamp for album pre-orders

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

"Tomorrow" by Kindsight


We were thrilled to learn that the new album from Danish quartet Kindsight now has a name -- No Fame No Shame -- and a release date -- April 19. The band's sharply honed and thoughtful guitar pop never fails to satisfy. Even so, we weren't prepared for the musical treasure that is "Tomorrow", the just released single from the album. With hooks, dynamics that pull and stretch your heartstrings, and vocals that bring to mind the best of The Sundays and Popguns, it is everything we could ask for. If this is what is coming with No Fame No Shame, sign us up!

Kindsight are Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen (vocals/guitar), Soren Svensson (guitar), Anders Prip (bass), and Johannes Jacobsen (drums). No Fame No Shame will be out via Rama Lama Records.




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Friday, February 9, 2024

"Burrowing" by Ryann Gonsalves


We have covered Bay Area bands Torrey and Aluminum (and will be covering the self-title album by Torrey soon). But today we have a single from the upcoming album by Ryann Gonsalves, who is a member of both bands. The song is "Burrowing", and it also would appear to be the video premier of family dog Max. Good boy, Max, you passed the audition! Oh, and "Burrowing" is a very appealing tune as well -- thoughtful and well constructed bedroom pop with a jaunty bounce.

The name of the album is Ouch! and it will be out February 14 via Dandy Boy Records. We don't want to suggest we know anything about anyone else's romantic life -- but speaking only for ourselves and our experiences -- we think 'ouch' is a perfect name for an album that drops on Vaentine's Day.


Bandcamp for "Ouch!"

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Joe Ziffer - Long Shadows


Time for some long overdue appreciation for Long Shadows, the lovely psychedelic pop LP by Adelaide artist Joe Ziffer. Joe builds his creations with complementary elements of jangle pop, folk and psychedelia. The tracks flow seamlessly to create a gentle but impactful tapestry of pastoral tunes. We close our eyes and feel we are listening to Ayers or Syd back in our youth, and that is a really good feeling. We foresee a lot of future evenings when Long Shadows will be out companion.

Long Shadows was released late in 2023 in digital and cassette formats by Tenth Court Records.


Bandcamp for Long Shadows

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Monday, February 5, 2024

"Like Today" by Research Vessel


In our earlier days we covered several releases by a jangling Seattle dreampop band called Seapony. Although we haven't heard from them since the middle of the last decade, we recently were contacted by songwriter/guitarist Danny Rowland. Danny has a new project named Research Vessel, and shared his first single form the upcoming EP. "Like Today" is a perfect slice of gentle guitar pop, and we have decided to play it a few times to close out our day. You may want to do the same.

Going Tomorrow EP will be out March 1 in digital and cassette formats via Small Craft Advisory.


Bandcamp for Going Tomorrow EP

"Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit" by The Reds, Pinks & Purples


In his The Reds, Pinks & Purples project San Francisco's Glenn Donaldson examines disappointments, breakups, and regrets, and does do via some of the loveliest music we hear. This spring will bring new album Unwishing Well, and our first taste is the lush criticism of the music industry titled "Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit".

For this recording The Reds, Pinks & Purples are Glenn and Kati Mishikian, Lewis Gallardo, Thomas Rubenstein and Daniel Pearce. Unwishing Well will be out April 12 in digital, vinyl and CD formats via Slumberland Records and Tough Love Records.



Bandcamp for Unwishing Well

Slumberland Records page for Unwishing Well

Tough Love Records page for Unwishing Well

Saturday, February 3, 2024

"The Ring" by Flowertown


We consider any week with a new song from Michael Ramos' Tony Jay project or from Karina Gill's Cindy to be a banner week. So you can imagine the happy vibes at Headquarters when there is a new song from Flowertown, the joint project of Ramos and Gill. And it really isn't just a new song, it is a new song and an announcement of new LP Tourist Language the end of the month. The debut song is "The Ring", featuring characteristic hushed vocals and lovely sounding guitars. It is simple and spellbinding storytelling, and that is what Flowertown does.

Tourist Language will be out February 29 in vinyl and digital formats via Paisley Shirt Records.

Bandcamp for Tourist Language

Friday, February 2, 2024

"Big Love" by Camera Obscura


Beloved Glasgow indie pop band Camera Obscura has announced the release of their first album in ten years, which news was accompanied by the unveiling of album track "Big Love". The breakup tune dressed up as an upbeat pop song with country accents, is showcased via the video below. We expect that it will bring a smile fans new and old.

Look to the East, Look to the West will be out May 3 via Merge Records.



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Various links for "Big Love" and Look to the East, Look to the West

Merge Records page for album

Thursday, February 1, 2024

"Free Cake for Every Creature" by Red Sleeping Beauty


Last month we highlighted the new project from Swedish synth pop masters Red Sleeping Beauty. The jist is that the band will release a song at the beginning of every month this year. A purchase at Bandcamp will entitle the listener to an album in progress. At the close of the year, the album will be complete. The February song is "Free Cake For Every Creature". The tune trades the soaring highs of the January offering for a fun and delightfully constructed pop song. We think this project is progressing very nicely.

"BUG0BEAT" by Cool Sounds


In our opinion, Melbourne's Cool Sounds has their own sub-genre. We call it Discoglamangle (no, no one has ever hired us to create advertising campaigns). The components are a sturdy, danceable beat, a glammy '70s soft rock sound and dose of jangle, and they never fail to wield it in a way that brings a high level of aural satisfaction. Cool Sounds has made their 2024 appearance with new single "BUG0BEAT". The song is the lead and title track of their upcoming EP, which is due March 1 via Chapter Music. Press play and enjoy the Discoglamangle.

The main man of Cool Sounds is Dainis Lacey, who is joined by Dylan Young for the creation of the BUG0BEAT EP.


Bandcamp for BUG0BEAT

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"Bounce" by Torrey


We don't have a crystal ball, but we feel quite confident in writing that one of the top indie albums out in the first half of 2024 will be the self-titled album from Bay area band Torrey. Masterfully blending multiple textures and pop hooks and vocals, they give the listener the feeling of floating in a pool on a sunlit afternoon. And no song better embodies that vibe than new single "Bounce". All bright tones, shimmer and bliss, it makes our day.

Torrey are Ryann Gonsalves, Kelly Gonsalves, Sinclair Riley, Adam Honingford, and Susie Chinisci. Torrey will be out March 8 in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Slumberland Records.


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Bandcamp for album pre-orders

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