Thursday, April 11, 2024

"Wish You Were Here" by Neutrals


 In 2022 it was written about Neutrals in a brilliant write up of their album Bus Stop Nights (link to full review): 

There are punk bands that are all thunder and fury. We respect the passion and listen avidly, but at times the art of the song is lost. Then there are bands that declare themselves punk, but seem to like the idea of being a punk band while really being a pop rock band. And then there is a rare punk-oriented band that has the incisive writing and aggressive performing, but also understands the need for a hook, a laugh and a melody. Such a band are Oakland, California's Neutrals.

We don't mind stealing that language for our post about their "Wish You Were Here", the first single from their upcoming album New Town Dream, because we wrote it. And it remains at least as true today as it was two years ago. In just this first single we get shaggy C86 guitar pop and Josef K style clanging guitars. We are tingling here (nothing a few beers won't cure, of course).

Neutrals is a trio that craft songs with sonic punch, melody, and incisive lyrics. They believe what they believe and don't hold back in telling you. It is a stunning band that deserves a wide audience, and perhaps this album will help them attain that.

New Town Dream will be released May 31 on Slumberland Records and Static Shock Records.




Bandcamp for New Town Dream

Various links for New Town Dream

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

"I Can't Have It All" by Yea-Ming and The Rumors


If Yea-Ming and The Rumors are releasing an album it is on our list, no questions asked and no PR materials needed.  May 24 is the drop date for the upcoming I Can't Have It All, and while we haven't listened to the album yet, the title track is a lovely '60s shaded guitar pop gem. Evoking sun and sand and the promise of summer, it is just what we needed on a cloudy day.

I Can't Have It All will be released via Dandy Boy Records.




Bandcamp for album

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

"Here Comes the Order of Malta" by Oh Boland


This makes back to back posts for Meritorio Records artists, but there are no apologies from us. When a track makes us feel as alive as "Here Comes the Order of Malta", then we will promote it as if we are paid to do so (which we certainly are not). A couple of bars in we want to climb into the car, roll down the windows and crank up the music. To keep peace in the neighborhood we might also start the car and drive -- just kidding, this song demands that we drive. It reeks of vitality, of adventure, of 'get out and do something'. 

The song is the first single from the upcoming Western Leisure, the third album from Oh Boland.  band-now-solo-project of Irishman Niall Murphy. Western Leisure will be released May 31 via Meritorio Records most everywhere and Safe Suburban Home in the UK.



Bandcamp for pre-order of Western Leisure

Sunday, April 7, 2024

"Garden" by Stephen's Shore


The last few weeks have been tending the post surgery needs of a relative that was a teenager in the '60s, and in California and other parts of the West Coast. So it seems to us that the perfect song to celebrate our return is the rousing '60s-inspired "Garden" by Swedish band Stephen's Shore. We would understand if it made you want to grab a surfboard and head to the beach, because that is exactly what came to our minds (right before the the realization that we no longer have surfboards). But at least we have "Garden" and our memories ...

"Garden" is the first single from the upcoming EP Neptune, which is due May 10 via Madrid's Meritorio Records. Stephen's Shore are Viktor Sjodin, Johan Dittmer, Mattias Bergqvist, P.A. Blomqvist, and Erik Stackpole Undehn.


Bandcamp for "Garden"

Bandcamp for Neptune