Tuesday, August 30, 2022

3 A.M. Again - Let Me Take A Picture


An album by singer songwriter Michael Telles always is a gift for our ears and, more importantly, our soul. Whether recording as 3 A.M. Again, as is the case with Let Me Take A Picture, or as Night Heron, his creations are a lush jangle pop infused with the composer's heart and spirit. The arrangements range from the delicate to the robust, but are always sparkling and warm. And we must mention that the several acoustic instrumentals are a true joy. Some of our favorite songs have an appealing '60s British Invasion vibe. However, we are sure that any pop fan will find songs on this album to love.

Let Me Take A Picture is out now via JanglePopHub.


Bandcamp for album

"Music Should Feel" and "Old Life" by Melby


Swedish four-piece Melby is one of the finest Nordic indie pop bands on today's music scene. They have been honing their sound for about seven years, with each new record revealing an enhanced pallete of sounds enriching their innate melodicism. Their second full length Looks Like A Map is about two months from release, and in anticipation a handful of singles have been released. Built during the pandemic with a lot of studio time, the songs reflect layers of sonic detail that are a complete delight.

Today we are sharing "Music Should Feel" and "Old Life". Three others can be streamed at the Bandcamp link below. Having listened to all five songs several times, we are convinced that Looks Like A Map sounds like a top 2022 album. And we are never, ever wrong.

Melby are Teo Jernkvist Zurcher (drums/percussion), David Jehrlander (bass/synths), Are Engen Steinsholm (guitar/synths), and Matilda Wiezell (vocals/guitar). Looks Like A Map will be out October 21 via Rama Lama Records.




Bandcamp for album

Rama Lama Records page for album

Monday, August 22, 2022

"Saw You At The Record Shop Today" by The Reds, Pinks & Purples

Do we have more music coming from The Reds, Pinks & Purples? Well, yes, if fact we do. Following soon after the recording of the live performance in Seattle earlier this month (our post here), main man Glenn Donaldson has announced the October 14 release of They Only Wanted Your Soul, via Slumberland Records. The album combines six tracks form the project's early days plus the songs from a rare early 7" and should be a "must have" for all of the fans of this band's melancholy dream pop. It certainly is on our list. Album track "Say You At The Record Shop Today" is the first single from the release. Please enjoy below.



Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for album

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

"That's Rare" and "Jangle Jargon" by Free Time


As any regular reader can ascertain, for some months we haven't had the free time to post as often as in the past. We hope to resume normal operations soon, but we have remunerative work to sort out first. However, we can always find time for Free Time. The project of Dion Nania, a Melbourne native currently residing in New York City, will release its third album this fall. The first two singles are "That's Rare" and the title track, "Jangle Jargon". We think they justify our eagerness to feature the band's music, and we look forward to writing about the album next month.

In addition to Dion Nania, the players on the album are Jonah Maurer, Mike Mimoun, Martin Frawley and Amy Franz. Jangle Jargon out September 30 via Bedroom Suck Records in Australia and New Zealand and Polyvinyl/Dispatch Dept. in the United States and Canada. 



Bandcamp for album

"Pad" by Peel Dream Machine


We have the happy news that Joseph Stevens, aka Peel Dream Magazine, will release a new album October 7 via Slumberland Records (US) and Tough Love Records (UK). The title will be Pad, and we have our first taste via the title track. The exciting song reveals an expanded sonic arsenal and has us marking our calendar for the album release.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"The Good Times Are Coming Your Way" by Knife Girl


Now 22, Lili Aslo began releasing music nine years ago. After using various professional names, she settled on Knife Girl in 2021. We are completely unaware of the reason that name was chosen, but we will opine that her music is the sharpest of pop/rock with a big, euphoric sound and plenty of bounce. Her first album as Knife Girl will be Uniform, and you can test drive it with new single "The Good Times Are Coming Your Way". It is out now as a digital release.

In addition to Lili Aslo, the band is comprised of Kalle Kauranen (bass), Joona Kinnunen (drums/bongo), Anttoni Hill (guitar), Eetu Tuominen (guitar), Laura Salmenkallio (guitar), Reko Kalkaja (piano/synth), and Aapo Soulanto (saxophone/synth). Uniform will be out September 28 via Soliti Music.




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Sunday, August 14, 2022

"Jag vill vara här" by Per och Olof


Swedish singer songwriter Per och Olof (the performing name adopted by Malmo,Sweden's Per Olof) will release a compilation of his songs titled Radd hast in September. "Jag vill vara här" is available now, and is a good way to enjoy Per och Olof's craftsmanship and melodic sensibility. The album collects the pop singles that and refined demos that Olof has crafted. For a former punk rocker, we think this guy has his pop sound fully dialed in.

Radd hast will be released September 23 via Rama Lama Records.



Bandcamp for album

Rama Lama Records


The Reds, Pinks & Purples - Instant Regrets (Live in Seattle)


Glenn Donaldson, the master of melancholy dream pop behind The Reds, Pinks & Purples, is notably kind to his fans. Just this weekend he closed out a brief West Coast tour with a Friday evening performance in Seattle. And four songs from that performance have already been loaded on Bandcamp as Instant Regrets (live in Seattle) and are available for 'name your price'. It is just as lovely and affecting as you could imagine, and while it may remind you of some of your instant regrets, you won't regret sending some money to the artist and downloading this beauty.

In addition to Glenn on vocals, the band for this performance was Katiana Mishikian (bass/backing vocals), Thomas Rubenstein (guitar), Lewis Gallardo (guitar), and Andrew Hine (drums).




Thursday, August 11, 2022

Slum Summer - Living In Milk


Summer is for slumming a bit, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have standards for our soundtrack. And in that regard we have a recommendation for your August soundtrack: Living In Milk by the conveniently-named Slum Summer. A four-piece headed by vocalist-guitarist-songwriter Hugh Noble, Slum Summer dishes out literate and entertaining stories adorned with both jangle and alt rock elements. There is plenty of pop, but if you want to hear guitars shredding you will find them here as well. Three of our favorite songs are below. Three more favorites you can check out on Bandcamp are "Northern Research Station", "Rikers & Hart", and "Santa Rosa".

Slum Summer are Hugh J. Noble, DJ Anderson, Gedeon Deak, and Jen Edwards. Living In Milk is out now in digital and CD formats with Portland's Jigsaw Records.




Bandcamp for Living In Milk

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

"A Car For A Kennel" and "Eat Ate Tea" by Pumice


The music of Pumice doesn't fit neatly into the usual categories, and that is one of its characteristics that attracts us. But the most attractive characteristic is that it is brilliantly unique, enthrallingly idiosyncratic and delightfully spontaneous. Some may want to call it 'bedroom pop', but that name didn't seem to fit. Fortunately, the Bandcamp description (presumably penned by the band or the label) calls it 'bathroom sink pop', and that works quite well for us. But really, you have to hear it and decide for yourself. And you can do so with two singles from their upcoming album, Phylis. It really is a breath of fresh air for those of us stuck in a sweltering North American August.

Pumice is the Aukland-based project of Stefan Neville and Jade Farley. Phylis will be released October 14 via Minneapolis label Soft Abuse.


Bandcamp for Phylis (Pumice Bandcamp)

Soft Abuse

"6 or 7 More" by Cool Sounds


What do we music fans think of when we read the word "funk"? Well, Detroit and Philadelphia for certain. And of course, New Orleans. Memphis doesn't want to be forgotten either. Is Melbourne the next town that comes to mind? Probably not, but you frame of reference may need an adjustment after enjoying "6 or 7 More", the latest single by Melbourne's Cool Sounds. Yes, the arch purveyor of cool, soft rock has crafted a deliciously funky tune for their upcoming October release, Like That. And while Cool Sounds has often featured bouncy, infectious rhythms, we must admit that we didn't foresee this side of their art. But anticipated or not, it is most welcome. Treat your ears and eyes below.

By the way, Like That will be released on October 7 via Chapter Music. You can check out its first single "Hello, Alright, You Got That?" in our June feature of the song (link).


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Bandcamp for album Like That

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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Northern Portrait - The Swiss Army


Let's start the week with a Nordic gem. In this case our ears are drawn to The Swiss Army, which despite its name, is the work of Danish pop masters Northern Portrait. It is only the band's second album in over a decade, but it effortless spans various styles with infectious melodies, ear-worm hooks and warmly presented melancholy. Northern Portrait are equally adept at slow burners, mid-tempo guitar pop and harder-edged rocking songs and this album contains well constructed examples of all of them. The rhythm section is high in the mix and the guitars jangle and chime, infusing the album with a driving energy throughout its ten-song run. Each song stands well alone, although "At Attention", "Business Class Hero", "Once A Bombshell". "Pool Cue Vigilante" and "The Soft Revolution" attracted our immediate attention. We expect this album to be on some year-end lists -- it is looking good for ours.

The Swiss Army is out now in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Matinee Recordings.


Matinee Recordings page for album

Holiday Ghosts - Credit Note EP


We admit that we have largely been ignoring our readers while on holiday. But we are back now and have brought the sort of things that one tends to bring back from holidays: Sand nestled in many items; sunburns; T-shirts and objects that fall into the 'what were we thinking' category; and an accumulation of phone messages that need to be returned. Oh, and ghosts -- better yet, holiday ghosts. Yes, while we were otherwise engaged one of our long-time favorite bands, Holiday Ghosts, have released the smashing Credit Note EP.

The songs here are classic HG material with sturdy rhythms, male/female vocals, garage/roots rock arrangements, and enthusiastic performances that always leave us sad that we can't see them live absent some very expensive plane tickets. The good news for fans is that Holiday Ghosts recordings always sound live. As songwriters the band are adept storytellers and here, as with the most recent LP, some pointed political commentary features. Holiday Ghosts is a band that excited us with our first listen a long time ago, and they keep getting better. They deserve your ears.

Holiday Ghosts were founded by Katja Rackin (drums/vocals) and Samuel Stacpoole (guitar/vocals), but they have collaborated with various friends for past recordings. For Credit Note they are joined by B. Spanks (2nd guitar) and Morgan Lloyd-Mathews (bass). Credit Note EP is out now via Fat Cat Records. The digital version has four tracks, but the vinyl version has two additional tracks.




Bandcamp for Credit Note EP

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Monday, August 1, 2022

"Yellow House" by Jim Nothing

Well, we did think that the frontman of Christchurch's Jim Nothing looked familiar. Our research (yes, we actually do that from time to time) indicates that he is James Sullivan, late of one of our favorite New Zealand janglers the Salad Boys. It seems he adopted the Jim Nothing moniker for some self recordings about eight years ago, but more recently gathered some talented friends and created an album. Titled In The Marigolds, the LP is out September 15 via Melted Ice Cream (NZ) and Meritorio (EU). The first single is the deliciously chugging, shaggy and slightly psychedelic lo-fi wonder "Yellow House". One listen sold us on the song and the album.

James sings and plays the guitar. Anita Clark sings and plays the violin. Brian Feary plays the drums. Of one thing we are certain: Jim Nothing is not nothing.



Bandcamp to pre-order In The Marigolds

"Ciggie Whinge" by Zac Denton

It seems entirely appropriate that "Ciggie Whinge", the first single from the upcoming LP Love, Lust, Lost, was a demo for the never recorded fourth album by Zac Denton's band Ciggie Witch. Like his song demos on this album, Zac's life was full of extraordinary promise and not at all complete. But life ended all too early at age 24 when he was struck down by a sudden and rare illness. A virtually uncontainable talent, Zac was a member of The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch, Hobby Farm, No Local, Cool Sounds and Pregnancy (and we may have missed a few). Unreleased demos, album outtakes and live performances for his various projects will be comprise the track list for Love, Lust, Lost, which will be released with Zak's first Hobby Farm (solo) album Braeside as a double gatefold via Spunk Records/Osborne Again (Aus/NZ), Emotional Response Records (US), and Lost and Lonesome (EU). The release date is August 26 -- Zac's Birthday.

But while you are pre-ordering, enjoy the breezy treat which is "Ciggie Whinge".

Bandcamp (Australia/NZ) for the album

Emotional Response Records page for Love, Lust, Lost

Lost and Lonesome Bandcamp (EU) for the album

Various links to pre-save album