Sunday, August 7, 2022

Holiday Ghosts - Credit Note EP


We admit that we have largely been ignoring our readers while on holiday. But we are back now and have brought the sort of things that one tends to bring back from holidays: Sand nestled in many items; sunburns; T-shirts and objects that fall into the 'what were we thinking' category; and an accumulation of phone messages that need to be returned. Oh, and ghosts -- better yet, holiday ghosts. Yes, while we were otherwise engaged one of our long-time favorite bands, Holiday Ghosts, have released the smashing Credit Note EP.

The songs here are classic HG material with sturdy rhythms, male/female vocals, garage/roots rock arrangements, and enthusiastic performances that always leave us sad that we can't see them live absent some very expensive plane tickets. The good news for fans is that Holiday Ghosts recordings always sound live. As songwriters the band are adept storytellers and here, as with the most recent LP, some pointed political commentary features. Holiday Ghosts is a band that excited us with our first listen a long time ago, and they keep getting better. They deserve your ears.

Holiday Ghosts were founded by Katja Rackin (drums/vocals) and Samuel Stacpoole (guitar/vocals), but they have collaborated with various friends for past recordings. For Credit Note they are joined by B. Spanks (2nd guitar) and Morgan Lloyd-Mathews (bass). Credit Note EP is out now via Fat Cat Records. The digital version has four tracks, but the vinyl version has two additional tracks.




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