Wednesday, August 10, 2022

"A Car For A Kennel" and "Eat Ate Tea" by Pumice


The music of Pumice doesn't fit neatly into the usual categories, and that is one of its characteristics that attracts us. But the most attractive characteristic is that it is brilliantly unique, enthrallingly idiosyncratic and delightfully spontaneous. Some may want to call it 'bedroom pop', but that name didn't seem to fit. Fortunately, the Bandcamp description (presumably penned by the band or the label) calls it 'bathroom sink pop', and that works quite well for us. But really, you have to hear it and decide for yourself. And you can do so with two singles from their upcoming album, Phylis. It really is a breath of fresh air for those of us stuck in a sweltering North American August.

Pumice is the Aukland-based project of Stefan Neville and Jade Farley. Phylis will be released October 14 via Minneapolis label Soft Abuse.


Bandcamp for Phylis (Pumice Bandcamp)

Soft Abuse

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