Wednesday, June 29, 2022

"Indoor Song" by NOVA BLAST


This morning we begin with an "Indoor Song" that could fill the great outdoors. The particularly loud shoegaze track is the creation of Swedish duo NOVA BLAST. The single is out now, and comes from their upcoming album Eccolalia. We are thinking that this band may be one of our favorites this year on the noisy side of the street.

NOVA BLAST are Anti Zurowski (vocals/guitar) and Viktor Hober (drums). Eccolalia will be released on September 16 in vinyl and digital formats via Rama Lama Records.


Various links for "Indoor Song"

Bandcamp for Eccolalia

Label page for band and album

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Go Sailor - Go Sailor

As an indie pop fan, you very well may have a collection of Go Sailor music. But if you have none, or a collection that you find less than complete, the music gods have smiled upon you through their vessel Slumberland Records. The label has re-released a fine collection of the beloved lo fi, twee trio, comprised of all three of Go Sailor's singles plus additional tracks. The self titled comp originally appeared in 2011 but quickly went out of print -- an indie pop tragedy that now has been rectified. However, we must admit that due to our COVID travails and business commitments, as well as the popularity of this album, the vinyl is already sold out. However, the album remains available for digital download.

Go Sailor was Rose Melberg, Amy Linton, and Paul Curran.

Monday, June 27, 2022

"Wearing Devine" by Ben Woods


"Wearing Devine" hovers in the fog like a light just out of reach. Tantalizing, seductive, but slightly obscured. It has a touch of Lee Hazelwood, Patsy Cline and other American '60s artists, but then warped through a woozy, psychedelic filter that shades the song in darker tones. It is the work of New Zealand singer songwriter Ben Woods, assisted here by Lucy Hunter (of Opposite Sex) and Marlon Williams, and is the second single taken from his upcoming album Dispeller. And if this is the sort of artistry that Ben delivers on the album, we are getting in line.

Dispeller is out July 15 via Meritorio (Europe/UK), Melted Ice Cream (NZ), and Shrimper (USA)



Various links for Ben Woods and Dispeller

Meritorio Records page for Dispeller

Young Guv - GUV IV


Ben Cook and his band have released another delicious album under the Young Guv moniker. GUV IV starts with the jangle pop/power pop of GUV III but spreads its wings into other euphoric guitar pop territories such as west coast guitar pop, country rock (see "Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else" below), psychedelic pop, and even a bit of danceable '90s rock (see "Overcome" below). Of course, fans of Ben Cook and Young Guv will not be surprised at the versatility or the pervasively top quality melodies and performances. That it is the project's second record in the first half of 2022 is amazing, but some people just spend their pandemic time more fruitfully than the rest of us.

GUV IV is out now via Run For Cover Records.

Bandcamp for GUV IV

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Slack Times - Carried Away


With great melodies and plenty of jangle, Birmingham's Slack Times has delivered Carried Away, a guitar pop album that will fuel your summer drives to the beach and the backyard gatherings around the keg -- most probably dancing. The material has an easygoing vibe, but isn't laid back. This is an album made for movement. We played it all weekend here and it never failed to prompt smiles and a few quick steps. If you are fans of The Feelies, R.E.M. and Yo La Tengo, you will find Carried Away nestled in your sweet spot.

Slack Times consists of Chris McCauley (guitar/vocals), Will Stewart (guitar/vocals, and Stuart Norman (guitar). Carried Away is out now via Meritorio Records.

Bandcamp for Carried Away

Meritorio Records page for album

Monday, June 20, 2022

"Half Yesterday" by Flowertown

We are very big fans of the music that has been coming out of the San Francisco Area lately. Two of the bands we are following are Cindy and Tony Jay, so it is no surprise that Flowertown also is a favorite. Comprised of Karina Gill of Cindy and Michael Ramos of Tony Jay, Flowertown makes reverb and haze drenched dream pop that touches our souls like few other artists. Next month they will release a 12" titled Half Yesterday, and today they presented the title track via a video created by Karina and Michael. We have played the video so often today that I expect it soon will only show in black and white.

Half Yesterday will be out July 8 via Mt.St.Mtn. (vinyl) and Paisley Shirt Records (digital/cassette).

Bandcamp for Half Yesterday 12"

Mt.St.Mtn. page for Half Yesterday 12"

Sunday, June 19, 2022

"Jag drömde om dig inatt" by Per och Olof

 For the couple of readers whose Swedish is rusty, the title of this song translates as "I dreamt about you tonight". It is the latest single by Per-Olof, a former punker who, to our delight, has recast his creations as pop songs under the name Per och Olof. We think it is a great sound. And Rama Lama Records have signed him, which suggests that they think he has a great sound. Obviously, if Per och Olof is endorsed by WYMA and Rama Lama Records, his music is a solid choice for your playlist.

"Jag drömde om dig inatt" is out now as a digital single via Rama Lama Records.

Super 8 - Universal Journey


Start your week on good footing with a joyous indie pop album from the UK's Super 8. Super 8 has been Paul Ryan, aka Tripp, but recently and on this album he is joined by the talented Lisa Mychols. On Universal Journey they give us 12 nuggets of hooks wrapped in appealing melodies.



Bandcamp for album

Saturday, June 18, 2022

"Bentley Coupe" by Social House


We aren't interested in writing many words tonight. It has been a long day of yard work, house chores, and a 35 mile cycle. So instead we'll just give you a song that has pleased us today: "Bentley Coupe" by Social House. Modern, melodic, and a artful blend of genres and influences. For our ears, it is a perfect summer jam. If only our Bentley wasn't in the shop ...

Social House is Michael "Mikey" Foster and Charles "Scootie", Pittsburg gents transplanted to Los Angeles. "Bentley Coupe" is out now on all digital platforms.




Friday, June 17, 2022

"I'm Trying" by Slack Times


Alabama trio Slack Times will release their new album Carried Away next week. As evidenced by "I'm Trying", the final single from the album, the band's sweet spot is sunny guitar pop of the particularly jangly kind. Of course, that makes them our kind of band. Think Athens, Georgia meet California. But you don't have to imagine it, just press "play" below.

Slack Times consists of Chris McCauley (guitar/vocals), Will Stewart (guitar/vocals, and Stuart Norman (guitar). Carried Away combines three previous EPs, and will be out June 24 via Meritorio Records.

Bandcamp for album

Meritorio Records

Thursday, June 16, 2022

"The Lighthouse of Alexandria" by Beatenberg


With new single "The Lighthouse of Alexandria", Beatenberg makes its first appearance on WYMA. The tune is melodic and relaxing, but shows two sides of a coin. The first half is reflective and relaxing, while the second half bubbles and shimmers. We find it the perfect closing sound for the day.

The members of Beatenberg are Matthew Field (vocals/guitar), Robin Brink (drums), and Ross Dorkin (bass). The South African trio has been popular for over a decade but has been quiet lately as some members worked on other projects. This single is the first taken from their upcoming self-titled EP which will be released November 10 via UK label Leafy Outlook.




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"Hello, Alright, You Got That?" by Cool Sounds

Music from Cool Sounds is the most versatile and durable feel good material available. There is none of the jitters like after drinking a second flat white right after the first. And no hangover like after one or more pints past our limit. You can just keep playing them and vibing to the, well, cool sounds. So when we learned that Cool Sounds has a new song, we didn't delay in playing it. And we have played it quite a bit today.

"Hello, Alright, You Got That?" is the first single from the upcoming LP, Like That. This edition of the project marks a change for the project in that Dainis Lacey does most of the playing, as well as the singing and writing -- albeit with some contributions from Pierce Morton, Dylan Young and Ambrin Hasnain. We are advised to anticipate a bit of glam added to the Cool Sounds sound as well, so it will be an adventure. And speaking of adventure, check out the video for "Hello, Alright, You Got That?" It appears to be Dainis and Ambrin relaxing at home with a pool guy in the background, but things aren't quite what they seem. Oh, and we want the 'pool guy's' shirt. Very much.

Like That will be out in October 7 via Chapter Music.


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Bandcamp for album

Various links for album

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

"This Boy Is A Mess" by The Orchids

And now we bring you flowers -- The Orchids. Yes, dear readers, Glasgow's fine musical flowers have produced a new blossom titled "This Boy Is A Mess. The song is taken from their next album, Dreaming Kind, which will drop in vinyl, digital and CD formats via UK label Skep Wax. It is their first album since 2014, but "This Boy Is A Mess" demonstrates that the band has not lost their touch for powerful and nuanced songwriting.

The Orchids have been together for over 30 years, and have delivered multiple album, compilations and singles. The members are Ronnie Borland, James Hackett, Chris Quinn, John Scally, and Keith Sharp. Additional contributions to this recording were made by Ian Carmichael, Pauline Hynds Bari, and Paul Quinn.

As for the album, September 2 is the drop date for digital and CD versions, and October 14 is the magic date for vinyl. Yes, that is a long time, but you can pre-order now. And that is a comfort to many of us, especially those of us who have OCD about getting our CD.




Bandcamp for single

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Tall Dwarfs: Announcing an Upcoming Box Set

Usually when we decide to undertake something as a one off, we are lucky if it happens once. The fact that if we manage to accomplish the thing once, we stop at that point has less to do with our discipline and resolve and more to do with our level of competence and follow through. Compare that to New Zealand indie legends Tall Dwarfs. Members Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate intended the project to be a one off, but it lasted 21 years and produced 13 albums and EPs. By the way, don't feel badly for us -- this isn't the first time we have come off second best in comparison with a beloved band and it won't be the last. In fact, we think it quite likely we have an unblemished record of finishing second in two way comparisons. We say "likely" because to be more certain would require research, and if we really researched something, we assure you it would be a one off.

But back to the Tall Dwarfs. Let it be known that Merge Records is releasing a boxed set (4 X LPs or 2 X CDs, both with digital DL card) of the band's material. The set consists of 55 songs curated by one-half dwarf Bathgate. The material is packed with lo fi gems displaying intelligence, craft, and inspired musicality. The listeners will discern the influence the Tall Dwarfs had on a multitude of other bands, including the Mountain Goats, Pavement, and Yo La Tengo. We already know that this will be one of our favorite releases of the year.

This is an announcement, not a review. But we can't leave you without something for your ears:

Thursday, June 9, 2022

"Malice Palace" by Cones


"Malice Palace" isn't just an early summer tune, it is a tune that is summer. It shimmers and shines so brightly that eye protection is advised (perhaps a bit of sunscreen as well, just to be sure). And it bubbles and surges like the revelers on the dance floor at a beachside concert. This little gem is the work of Los Angeles based Cones, which is comprised of brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen. The song alone could be the lads' triumph of the season, but it just is a single from their upcoming August 5 album Almanac. Mark your calendars.





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Garbage & the Flowers - Cinnamon Sea


Many good things will be said about Garbage & the Flowers by knowledgeable music people. In our opinion, the band deserves all of it. They take the drone and strum of the Velvet Underground, dial back a bit of the urgency and replace it with psychedelia and stoned alt folk. The one valid complaint might be that they are not prolific, and their three decades has produced relatively few recordings and nearly all are hard, or impossible, to find. But that isn't problem at the moment because the five-track Cinnamon Sea has just been released. The EP is remarkable for its quality, musically and lyrically, but also because it manages to capture the many facets of the band displayed over the years in various recordings. It is hard to imagine a fan of guitar pop listening to Cinnamon Sea and not wanting to dive deeper into Garbage & the Flowers' past recordings. All of the songs are worthy, but so far we have been most taken by "Eye Know Who You Are", "Cinnamon Sea", and "On The Radio".

Garbage & the Flowers was formed in Wellington, New Zealand by Yuri Frusin and Helen Johnstone, who have been assisted by various colleagues over the years. However. it appears that they may make their home in Australia at present. In fact, Cinnamon Sea was recorded in Freyerstown, a small village in Victoria, Australia.

Cinnamon Sea is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Fire Records.




Various links for the EP

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

"Mixtape Generation" by Near Beer


I swear this band is going to make me look stupid (or stupider) at some point. Their name is Near Beer, but the way my mind functions/disfunctions I have caught myself typing the name as 'neer beer' and 'near bear'. Leaving aside the fact that being near a beer is far preferable to being near a bear, a band that makes good music deserves to have their name properly referenced. As they march towards the summer release of their debut album, Near Beer has released their second single from the set. "Mixtape Generation" is a pop punk blast with youthful Replacements-style energy. Enjoy the video version with a pre-wedding love fest that goes very wrong, but ends up happy. Bloody, but happy..

Near Beer - formed on the foundations of The Henry Clay People - are Joey Siara (vocals/guitar), Brent Stranathan (drums), and Jeremy Levy (bass/backing vocals). The album will be released via Double Helix Records.






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Monday, June 6, 2022

Meet Reverend Baron


Hectic day (and evening) at work, and we craved the perfect late night music to wind down. Enter stage left, LA singer songwriter Reverend Baron. We don't claim to know much about him, but these two songs were the perfect elixir for a Monday night, and that doesn't come easy.

The right reverend has a new album titled From Anywhere coming out June 24 via Coalmine Records, and we intend to be in line to check it out. We suggest you do the same.



Bandcamp for From Anywhere

Various links for Reverend Baron and the album

From the academy of deep soul and no ego, Reverend Baron delivers visions of liquor store East LA, the off-the-freeway dry mirage of slow motion graffiti and lonely seagulls. A nylon stringed zen fog with themes of woozy love, layered dimensions of nostalgia and glazed neighborhood tales that roll in with a natural ease.

After notching a permanent status in the skateboarding orbit as Danny Garcia, he transferred his effortless style, dedication and authenticity into music. Practicing a philosophy of demystifying the process and doing it yourself, he has become a proficient multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer of his own and other artist's music. All streams of curiosity converge into the river.

An enigma, Reverend Baron emerges from the proverbial gray overpass with no sense of urgency. He takes a sharp gaze at his surroundings and processes them through a factory of depth and gentle swag to yield a sound that sits as easy as fallen molasses on the bodega shelf. The songs are an unassuming invitation to either walk through the doorway or lean on the wall outside, either way something beautiful and rare.

"Turning Red" by The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness


Waving the flag of Teenage Fanclub powerpop, but coloring with their own sweet melancholic style, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness are emerging as one of the finer guitar pop projects to invade our brains in recent times. New album The Third Wave Of ... will be out in September via Tear Jerk Records in Australasia and Bobo Integral Records in the rest of the universe. But to start your summer right, you can enjoy "Turning Red", the latest single from the album, right now.

TBWTPN are Andrew Taylor and Gonzalo Marcos.



Bandcamp for album

Thursday, June 2, 2022

"Bit Much" by Clamm


"Bit Much" isn't just a song, it is an explosion -- a white hot, chest pummeling blast of punk/garage rock. It is the first single from the upcoming second album Care by Melbourne power trio Clamm, and if the rest of the record follows suit, it will contend for the heavy release of the summer.

Clamm are Jack Summers (guitar/vocals), Miles Harding (drums/backing vocals), and Maisie Everett (bass/backing vocals). Care will be released August 19 via Meat Machine in UK, Europe and Asia, and by Chapter Music everywhere else. Clamm will be touring the UK and Europe in late August and early September.




Bandcamp for Care

Various links for Care

The Stroppies - Levity


After thrilling us with their jangling creations in the past, The Stroppies have expanded their sound to include more distortion and fuzz, and color in darker aural hues. We took "The Perfect Crime", the lead track for their new album Levity, for a test drive in mid-March (link) and were duly impressed. We now have the full album and can report that it is all that we could have hoped for. It seems that keys come more to the forefront than in the past, although The Stroppies at this point remain a guitar pop band, and the production is more polished. But polish doesn't not arrive at the expense of wit or the palpable personality of each of the songs. Various members of the band take turns with lead vocals, with the others often harmonizing to good effect. Commentators often link The Stroppies to the classic guitar pop sound of the Flying Nun label, and we find the reference neither inapt nor lazy. However, this band isn't just recreating that beloved sound, but rather building a new sound on the foundations.

We heartily recommend this album.

The Stroppies are Angus Lord, Caudia Serfaty, Rory Heane, and Adam Hewitt. Levity is out now via Tough Love Recordings.



Bandcamp for Levity

Various link to order Levity

Label page for Levity


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Asta Rangu - ENTRTNMNT


We once followed a Dunedin, New Zealand surf pop band named Males. We didn't stop following them because they ceased to please us, we stopped following them because they ceased to exist (while we are capable of repeated pointless acts, even the gang at WYMA has some standards). However, we are happy to learn that Males' helium voiced songwriter, Richard Ley-Hamilton now devotes musical attention to Asta Rangu. And we can follow Asta Rangu because they have just released an album. ENTRTNMNT consists of eight tracks, the titles of which display a similar aversion to vowels. However, the music show no aversion to anything else except boredom. The astute pop sensibilities are evident, but the hooks and melodies ride a wide-scope synth backdrop on which bass and guitar swirl, reaching indie rock crescendos at one point and dream pop bliss in another. The arrangements are unpredictable but invariably interesting, and deliver a plentitude of noise without ever becoming grating. It is an excellent album and marks a band to watch. 

Asta Rangu are Richard Ley-Hamilton, Julie Dunn, Josh Nicholls, and Angu McBryde. ENTRTNMNT is out now in digital, CD, and cassette formats. See the Bandcamp link below.

"Audacity" by The Muldoons


Of course we chose to feature "Audacity" because we like the song and are fans of The Muldoons. But we cannot deny that the cover art says something to an early middle of the work week morning that really needs to be said. It seems that The Muldoons are singing about a different audacity -- an audacious romantic pick up (We understand, it happens to us all the time. Really, it does.). As for the song, it is upbeat and sparkles, jangles and chimes. If it doesn't lift your spirits, your spirits aren't going to be lifted. And the trumpet adds a brassy accent that is like chocolate on top of your ice cream cone on a summer day. 

"Audacity" is available as a name-your-price digital download via Last Night From Glasgow.



Bandcamp for "Audacity"