Sunday, June 26, 2022

Slack Times - Carried Away


With great melodies and plenty of jangle, Birmingham's Slack Times has delivered Carried Away, a guitar pop album that will fuel your summer drives to the beach and the backyard gatherings around the keg -- most probably dancing. The material has an easygoing vibe, but isn't laid back. This is an album made for movement. We played it all weekend here and it never failed to prompt smiles and a few quick steps. If you are fans of The Feelies, R.E.M. and Yo La Tengo, you will find Carried Away nestled in your sweet spot.

Slack Times consists of Chris McCauley (guitar/vocals), Will Stewart (guitar/vocals, and Stuart Norman (guitar). Carried Away is out now via Meritorio Records.

Bandcamp for Carried Away

Meritorio Records page for album

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