Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Asta Rangu - ENTRTNMNT


We once followed a Dunedin, New Zealand surf pop band named Males. We didn't stop following them because they ceased to please us, we stopped following them because they ceased to exist (while we are capable of repeated pointless acts, even the gang at WYMA has some standards). However, we are happy to learn that Males' helium voiced songwriter, Richard Ley-Hamilton now devotes musical attention to Asta Rangu. And we can follow Asta Rangu because they have just released an album. ENTRTNMNT consists of eight tracks, the titles of which display a similar aversion to vowels. However, the music show no aversion to anything else except boredom. The astute pop sensibilities are evident, but the hooks and melodies ride a wide-scope synth backdrop on which bass and guitar swirl, reaching indie rock crescendos at one point and dream pop bliss in another. The arrangements are unpredictable but invariably interesting, and deliver a plentitude of noise without ever becoming grating. It is an excellent album and marks a band to watch. 

Asta Rangu are Richard Ley-Hamilton, Julie Dunn, Josh Nicholls, and Angu McBryde. ENTRTNMNT is out now in digital, CD, and cassette formats. See the Bandcamp link below.

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