Thursday, June 9, 2022

Garbage & the Flowers - Cinnamon Sea


Many good things will be said about Garbage & the Flowers by knowledgeable music people. In our opinion, the band deserves all of it. They take the drone and strum of the Velvet Underground, dial back a bit of the urgency and replace it with psychedelia and stoned alt folk. The one valid complaint might be that they are not prolific, and their three decades has produced relatively few recordings and nearly all are hard, or impossible, to find. But that isn't problem at the moment because the five-track Cinnamon Sea has just been released. The EP is remarkable for its quality, musically and lyrically, but also because it manages to capture the many facets of the band displayed over the years in various recordings. It is hard to imagine a fan of guitar pop listening to Cinnamon Sea and not wanting to dive deeper into Garbage & the Flowers' past recordings. All of the songs are worthy, but so far we have been most taken by "Eye Know Who You Are", "Cinnamon Sea", and "On The Radio".

Garbage & the Flowers was formed in Wellington, New Zealand by Yuri Frusin and Helen Johnstone, who have been assisted by various colleagues over the years. However. it appears that they may make their home in Australia at present. In fact, Cinnamon Sea was recorded in Freyerstown, a small village in Victoria, Australia.

Cinnamon Sea is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Fire Records.




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