Friday, April 28, 2023

"Hook Echo" by Wireheads


We only write about music we like on this blog, but inevitably some songs and albums have a greater wow factor for our ears than others. One such group is Adelaide's Wireheads, whose new single "Hook Echo" is one of our favorite songs in 2023 to date. One listen and we all agreed that this is the kind of stuff that keeps us devoting time to write add free features about new music. Damn -- it is so good! These rocking space cadets always deliver.

And fans should note that the single is take from Wireheads' upcoming LP Potentially Venus which is due June 28 via Tenth Court Records.


Bandcamp for Potentially Venus and two singles to date

Link for purchase/stream of "Hook Echo"

Thursday, April 27, 2023

"Blue Over Blue" by The Clientele


This week brings us news that UK trio The Clientele is releasing a new album titled I Am Not There Anymore. Advance word is that the band has broadened their scope from their traditional shimmering guitar pop to include additional instrumentation and musical styles. Mark us a hugely interested. Our first hint of what will come can be enjoyed with the accompanying video of the lead single "Blue Over Blue".

The Clientele are Alasdair MacLean (vocals/guitars/tapes/beats/bouzouki/Mellotron/organ), James Hornsey (bass/piano), Mark Keen (drums/percussion/piano/celesta).

I'm Not There Anymore will be out July 28 via Merge Records. 





Bandcamp for album

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Dancer - Dancer

This is one of those times when we can't bore you with excessive verbiage because we know very little about Glasgow's Dancer other than it brings together members from Nightshift, Current Affairs, Order of the Toad, and Robert Sotelo. Their music is rhythmic and enthralling and we hope the project brings us more in the future. Dancer's six track self-titled opening statement is out via Gold Mold Records in cassette and digital formats, although all three runs of the cassette are already sold out. The electrons are still available, however.


Bandcamp for Dancer

Terry - Call Me Terry


Terry made us wait five years for a new album -- FIVE YEARS. However unconscionable that delay may be, we must admit the the result, Call Me Terry, is well worth the wait. To our ears the band has not changed their approach for this album, and that gives them a positive mark. The music Terry makes is what we here at WYMA call 'favorite shaggy dog music'. Exactly what is 'favorite shaggy dog music'? It is music that reminds us of our favorite neighborhood shaggy dog - friendly, happy, lights up our life and reduces our stress whenever we encounter it. And Call Me Terry has the added advantages that it doesn't require walks and you can dance to it. We note that thematically the album isn't all grins and giggles, as the foursome hits out at Australia's colonial sins. But such reminders have value, and the music is top level.

A big part of what makes Terry's music work is the chemistry of its members and their chosen style of performing. Terry is comprised of pairs Amy Hill + Al Monfort, and Xanthe Waite + Zephyr Pavey. There is a lot of group singing and choruses are emphasized. And in addition to all of the expected instrumentation, Terry deploys horns to great effect. It all sounds very collegial and, we must say, it sounds like it was as much of a blast to make as it is to hear.

 Call Me Terry is out now via Upset The Rhythm and Anti Fade Records.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Lachlan Denton - Furnishings


It always is a pleasure to receive a new album from a project including Lachlan Denton, whether a solo effort of the fruits of one of his many group projects (including The Ocean Party, Pop Filter, Partner Look). The latest from the Melbourne singer songwriter, furniture craftsman, and young 'old soul' is Furnishings. In our opinion the album's 12 tracks are among Lachlan's finest work to date. The songs are warmly rendered memories, explorations of loss, observations of and messages to family, including his deceased brother Zac, and other elements of life. The arrangements vary from sparkling and jangling indie pop to gently rendered folk pop, and even include a soul inflected mood-booster in the form of "Changed".  And in exploring grief and relationships while fusing the past to the of trajectory of his current life, Lachlan has crafted a deeply affecting and ultimately positive statement. These songs should stay with you for a long, long time.

Our favorite songs: "Zac", You", "Lose", "Changed", and "Mum". Furnishings is out now via Bobo Integral, Spunk Records and Osborne Again.

Bandcamp for Furnishings

Spotify link for album

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Withered Hand - How To Love


Withered Hand is an attention-getting name for a musical project. But that is appropriate because Dan Willson's music deserves attention. His latest album, How To Love, is warm-hearted and a breathtaking collage of varied excellence. Indie rockers, pub singalongs, and ballads, with plenty of chunky riffs, bouncing rhythms and some horns and strings. And of course, intelligent lyrical content. In terms of the dynamics, the focused performances, the sharp writing and the fulsome arrangements the closest comparison that readily comes to mind is The Band in their prime. No, Dan and his compatriots aren't mining Americana/rock, but I stand by the comparison. And Dan can equal the great Levon Helm in selling a lyric.

Dan called on the services of many friends for the making of How To Love. Dan played electric and acoustic guitars and sang. Other players were Malcolm Benzie (guitars), Fraser Hughes (bass) Owen Curtis Williams (drums/percussion), Peter Liddle (keys), and Pam Berry (backing vocals). Addition contributions were made by Kenny Anderson, Kathryn Williams, and Benedikt H. Hermannson.






Bandcamp for album

Various links

"Time And Again" by Tough Age


When they named themselves a decade ago, a young Vancouver band decided that they were (or were at a) Tough Age. Apparently the intervening years and a move to Toronto and back home haven't changed them, because they still are Tough Age. And they are still a fine indie pop band. Consider new single "Time And Again" -- uptempo with plenty of chug and jangle. To our ears it appears to have a '60s British Invasion vibe and that makes us happy.

Tough Age are Jarrett Evan Sampson (guitar/vocals/keys), Lauren Smith (bass/vocals), and Jesse Locke (drums/percussion). They will release a new album Waiting Here via We Are Time (Canada) and Bobo Integral (everywhere else).



Bandcamp for Waiting Here

Friday, April 7, 2023

"Centuries" by Terry


We have been waiting patiently for another album from Melbourne post punk band Terry. But after the high quality of the first three LPs, five years was a long time to wait. But we will give them a break for the pandemic, which I'm certain will come as a great relief to all four of the members. The album is titled Call Me Terry and will be out April 14 via Upset the Rhythm (most of the world) and Anti Fade (Australia & New Zealand). You can get a taste of the album via "Centuries" which is the third and final single. The theme is corrupt controller of society and the potential for combatting them, but the video is some entertaining violence. Hey - it's Friday!

Terry is comprised of pairs Amy Hill + Al Monfort, and Xanthe Waite + Zephyr Pavey.

Bandcamp for album



Upset The Rhythm page for Call Me Terry

Upset The Rhythm

TV Star - Hallucinate Me


In our eagerness to look beyond our borders for new music, we sometimes forget that excellence is found close to home as well. So here we present a local Seattle band.

Just before the pandemic, Seattle musicians Bryan Coats and Che Hise-Gattone formed TV Star. Starting a band just as the country goes into lockdown inevitably delays the launch of a project that relies, at least to some extent, on  practicing together and performing in public. But Bryan (guitars/percussion/vocals) and Che (guitars), augmented by Ashlyn Nagel (vocals), KTB (bass/vocals) and Waylon Trim (drums), persevered and began recording. Two-track singles were released in 2021 and 2022, and now they are the proud birthing people of the 6-track mini-album Hallucinate Me. For this outing the band is delivering some delicious psychedelia, with hooks, jangles and riffs. We suggest you treat your ears to a listen.

Hallucinate Me is out now in digital, vinyl, cassette and CD formats.


Bandcamp for Hallucinate Me

"Jump" by Only The Poets


Friday is the day we try to finish all of the things we aimed to do this week but left to the last minute. We hope that includes more new music features, but we first need to jump start our day. The song of choice for that task is the appropriately titled "Jump". It is from a Reading, UK band Only The Poets (love that name, by the way). It is a banger and does the intended job quite well.

European readers take note: The band is touring in Europe for the rest of this month, ending with a London show on May 3.





Various links for "Jump"

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

"Earthly Belonging" by Cindy


We have followed the music of Cindy over the past few years with interest, and with great pleasure. While the San Francisco band's sweet spot so far has been a hazy, generally slow tempo dream pop that we find addictive, several songs have shown a deft hand with more outwardly dynamic indie pop. Such is the case with "Earthly Belonging", the just-released single from their upcoming Why Not Now?. The song is a delicious treat which to our ears has a bit of Veronica Falls vibe.

Why Not Now? will be out April 14 via Mt.St.Mtn.


Bandcamp for Earthly Belonging

Various links for Cindy's music


Tuesday, April 4, 2023

"Can't Stop Thinking About You" and "December Third" by Alfie Firmin


It is time for all of us to get to know Alfie Firmin. To be honest, we are just getting to know him. Some of you savants may be familiar with one of his three previous solo albums or the 2018 album by the band Vestiges, of which he was a member. The lane Alfie travels now is a singer songwriter, soft rock approach which well displays his songwriting talent and easy performance style. His new album will be released on May 12 via Bobo Integral and, while we have not heard the entire album, we certainly endorse the two singles released to date: "Can't Stop Thinking About You" and "December Third".

Bandcamp for pre-order of Absentee

Monday, April 3, 2023

The Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Town That Cursed Your Name


We expect that The Town That Cursed Your Name  by The Reds, Pinks & Purples will get a good amount of digital ink in the indie blogsphere and more 'formal' press, and it deserves every inch. You can read of sweet melodies and hooks, bittersweet themes, and warm, lightly sandpapered and aching vocals. We agree -- it is all true. It is a fine album infused with the great melodies we have come to expect and augmented with a bit more bite and fuzz instrumentally. It will certainly will be one of our most memorable and often played albums of the year.

But for us the overarching point is what the recent series of releases from TRP&P, culminating with The Town That Cursed Your Name, means to us. The last few years have been challenging, with pandemic fears and uncertainties, job upheavals, social discord, and isolation. It becomes all to easy in such times to withdraw inward. For us, what Glenn Donaldson has done with TRP&P during this period is to remind us of our humanity, our connectedness, our ability to feel pain and love, to cry and be resilient. In that sense, The Town That Cursed Your Name and its predecessors are a gift beyond music. And since the main theme of The Town That Cursed Your Name is persistence and resilience, it is the fitting statement as we move forward.

The album is out now via Slumberland Records and Tough Love Records



Bandcamp for album

Slumberland Records

Tough Love Records

Sunday, April 2, 2023

"Changed" by Lachlan Denton


As regular readers of WYMA know, we have been fans of Lachlan Denton's art in his various group projects (The Ocean Party/Pop Filter/Partner Look), as well as his work with Emma Russack and his solo recordings. We previously shared "You" and "Lose" from his upcoming Furnishings LP and they were more than sufficient for us to be sure we are going to love the album. While we will need to wait a couple of weeks for a fulsome discussion of the album, "Changed -- the third and final single -- is now out. And it presents a "wow" moment. It bubbles and chugs with a terrific vocal performance riding the synth-driven arrangement. Considering the introspective and affecting lyrics, it may well be the anthem of the album, but in any event it is a showcase tune.

The release date for Furnishings is April 14 via Bobo Integral, Spunk Records and Osborne Again.

Bandcamp for Furnishings