Sunday, July 23, 2023

Being Dead - When Horses Would Run


Playful and musically adventurous, adept multi-instrumentalists Falcon Bitch and Gumball, more widely known as Being Dead, take themselves and their lucky listeners on a musical journey like few others. Think of it as a set of freaky short stories with varied meters and styles. Whatever you are looking for -- a bit of surf, a bit of punk, a bit of pop -- you likely will find a vein on their new album When Horses Would Run. Think of it as modern O'Henry short stories set to music and told in an original, spontaneous jump-in-th-pool-we-can-add-water-later vibe. Is that a good thing? We certainly think so.

When Horses Would Run is out now via Bayonet.


Bandcamp for album


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Friday, July 21, 2023

Cut Worms - Cut Worms


Cut Worms consists of nine songs that tell us that life is manageable, the sun is shining, the breezes are warm and we'll all figure it out in time. It also is among the best damn sets of music we have heard in a long time. On this outing, Brooklyn-based Max Clarke, aka Cut Worms, sees to have found a pot of musical gold. The songs are sleek but artfully adorned with horns, strings and keys, bringing to mind '60s pop (Brill Building references are likely to pop up in reviews) albeit with an alt country/Everly Brothers veins on some tracks. The vibe is relaxed but the production is tight and gleaming. Max's vocals are languid, but emotionally resonant and ultimately are another highlight of the album.

This album is equally good on the car stereo headed out for the evening or sitting in the lawn chair as the stars come out. Actually, we don't think there would be many bad times to cue up this warm and life-affirming beauty. Cut Worms is out now via Jagjaguwar.





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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

"Make It Right" by The 1981


We have been impressed by the expanding catalog from Bay Area label Dandy Boy Records. Of course, the label is helped by the fact that their region is bursting with talent these days, but they still get credit for tasteful choices. One of the projects on the Dandy Boy roster is The 1981 -- a duo comprised of Adam Widener and Bobby Martinez (assisted by Colin McDonald on bass). Their work to date has made a mark locally and farther afield, with clear influences of forebears such as Comet Gain, Mike Krol, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. They will be releasing an album titled Move On on August 18 via Dandy Boy. Check out the first single, "Make It Right", and you'll know why we are looking forward to the album.

Bandcamp for pre-order of Move On

"Other One (feat: Phantom Handshakes)" by The Radio Field


After nearly a one week break (sorry, had to catch up on all of the political/cultural rage on Twitter), we welcome ourselves back with "Other One", a dreamy, jangling single by The Radio Field and featuring the terrific guest vocals of Federika of the New York-based Phantom Handshakes.. The project of Dusseldorf's Lars Schmidt, along with Mark Specht, Christoph Schneider and Philipp Breuer, The Radio Field will release one more  single soon and then the new LP Don'ts and Dos in August via Less Records and Subjangle.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Three singles by Dippers, plus new album in August


Over the years we have written several posts about Australian band Thigh Masters, but we won't cover them any more. Our position has nothing to do with the band's quality or political positions. The reason is that the band is now named Dippers. Is that because, after years of hard training, the duo has achieved 'peak thighs'? Or is it because they decided to focus on spiritual rather than physical development? Perhaps their thigh master device just broke, we don't know.

But what we do know is that Dippers are still the feisty, inventive, off-kilter guitar pop band that we enjoyed before. And we are happy to share the news that they will release a new album titled Clastic Rock on August 4. They have released three single to date, and our office is buzzing with anticipation. Check them out below and experience rock music that doesn't follow an predictable formula other than tasteful genius.

Dippers are Matthew Ford and Innez Tulloch. On "Recurrent Sight" they called on the additional talents of Dusty Anastassiou and Nicky Minus, and on "Encouragement In Brackets" Nicole Thibault played trombone. Clastic Rock will be released via Tenth Court Records and Goner Records.

At the end of the post we have listed the dates for upcoming shows including a North American tour.




Bandcamp for "Recurrent Sight"

Various links for "Recurrent Sight"

Link for pre-order of Clastic Rock

Tix for select shows on-sale Friday, July 14 at
July 24 - Merri Creek Tavern - Naarm / Melbourne, VIC
August 4 - The Curtin (front bar) - Album Release Date Party - Naarm / Melbourne, VIC

US Tour Dates:
Sept 7 - Permanent Records Roadhouse - Los Angeles, CA
Sept 8 - Thee Stork Club - Oakland, CA
Sept 9 - Naked Lounge - Chico, CA
Sept 10 - Shanghai Tunnel - Portland, OR
Sept 11 - Sunset Tavern - Seattle, WA
Sept 13 - TV Eye - Brooklyn, NY
Sept 16 - Redscroll Records - New Haven, CT
Sept 17 - Avalon Lounge - Catskill, NY
Sept 18 - TBA - Philadelphia, PA ^
Sept 19 - Abilene Bar & Lounge - Rochester, NY
Sept 21 - Cafe Bourbon St - Columbus, OH
Sept 23 - Cole's Bar - Chicago, IL
Sept 24 - Healer - Indianapolis, IN
Sept 26 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA *
Sept 27 - Drkmttr - Nashville, TN *
Sept 30 - Gonerfest - Memphis, TN
^ w/ Alien Nosejob
* w/ Lewsberg

Australian dates:
Monday July 24 - Merri Creek Tavern - Naarm / Melbourne, VIC

Monday, July 10, 2023

Fort Not - Depressed For Success


Last month we predicted that Depressed For Success by Sweden's Fort Not would be one of the albums of the summer. We now have had several days and we not only stand by our previous statement, but we will upgrade it to one of our favorite albums of the year so far. The 13 tracks display the band's love of indie in multiple styles, performed with verve and nuance and revealing a remarkable ability to craft delectable earworms. The listener is treated to stories of love, sex and other topics via British Invasion, bedroom pop, power pop and twee. And the listener likely will love all of them.

This much quality did present a challenge for us to choose representative tracks -- how can one set aside a rousing, fuzzy powerpop anthem for an affecting, jangling bedroom pop ballad? Well, we did the best we could. The reader should be aware that the time spent going to the Bandcamp link and streaming the entire album (presumably while effecting a purchase) would be time very well spent.

Fort Not is Fredrik Soderstrom and Robert Carlsson. Depressed For Success is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Meritorio Recods.


Bandcamp got album

Meritorio Records page for album

Thursday, July 6, 2023

"Come Here" by Kath Bloom

Kath Bloom is a singer songwriter and folk musician who may be better known among musicians than the general public. But with a career that spans the late '70s to present day, she clearly is a musician worth our ears. Bloom has collaborated with other artists and her work has been covered by Mark Kozelek, Bill Callahan and others.

So, how do you get access to this fine artist's music?  Glad you asked -- Melbourne label Chapter Music is stepping up to deliver the goods. In September, Chapter will release Finally, the first ever vinyl reissue of Bloom's 1990 recording (the music previously was released in CD format in 2005). Finally was compiled from previous recordings which were out of print or otherwise not widely distributed or available. The first single from the reissue is "Come Here", which may well be Bloom's signature tune. Breathtakingly beautiful, it reminds us that Kath Bloom can pluck our heartstrings as easily as the strings on her acoustic guitar.


Bandcamp for pre-order of Finally

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

"Dos Pasajeros" by Melenas


Drone, then bubbling percussion followed by sprightly keys, then a throbbing rhythm line, and finally, sweet vocals. If you still are on the fence about Ahora, the fall release from Pamplona, Spain's Melenas, "Dos Pasajeros" should get you down and into the "pre-save" camp.

Ahora will be out September 29 via Trouble In Mind Records.




Bandcamp for pre-order of Ahora

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Monday, July 3, 2023

"Horse Riding" by Small Intestines


We thought of starting out this post with 'time to get to know small intestines', but were worried that the "ick" factor might cause people to stop reading. But since we effectively did start the post that way, if you are still reading you might as well stay on for the full ride. So, down to business.

Small Intestines are a trio based in Melbourne. While they hadn't previously been known to us, we note that band member Rob Remedios (bass/vocals) has been in other bands we have covered (Chook Race, Sprouts, and Permits). Member Matt Liveriadis (drums/vocals) also was in Chook Race. The third member is Tristan Peach (guitar/vocals) who headed his own band. Small Intestines has just released a single title "Horse Riding" and announced an upcoming debut album Hide In Time. The single is a delicious nugget of jangling guitar pop with a simple but infectious melody and all three members on the vocals (we like group singing) with a few appealingly shaggy edges. The song may remind you of The Bats, The Clean, and Dick Diver. And any band that makes those connections for us is a band we will follow.

Hide In Time will be released September 29 via Meritorio Records in Europe and the United States and by Lost and Lonesome Records in Australia and the rest of the solar system.


Bandcamp for "Horse Riding"

Soundcloud (a few older songs)

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Special Friend - Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In


Paris-based duo Special Friend has a special talent for taking indie rock and morphing it through their own version of noise pop and slowcore. The result on their new album Wait Until The Flames come Rushing In is a tapestry of music that evokes familiar feelings but seems fresh and warm. At times we were reminded of The Pastels and Galaxie 500, and at times of Yo La Tengo. Since we featured the two singles from the album earlier this month (link) we have streamed a few other tracks below, picked to show the variety of the songs on the album. Special Friend is a dynamic band that deserves our ears.

Special Friend is Erica Ashleson and Guillaume Siracusa. Wait Until The Flames come Rushing In is out now via Skep Wax Howlin' Banana Records and Hidden Bay Records.



Bandcamp for album

"Say Nothing" by Dreamcoaster


Well, last week was a tough week and this week will be a slog as well. But we currently are in a good mood after repeated plays of "Say Nothing", the new single by Brighton noise pop duo Dreamcoaster. The song is the title track to the band's next EP, which will be released September 1 via Dreamcoster's own label, Duck Race Recording Co. The guitars, melody and harmonies are right in our sweet spot. But we think pithy descriptions are the best, so our verdict on "Say Nothing" is guitar pop bliss.

Dreamcoaster is Jane and Andrew Craig.