Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"The Good Times Are Coming Your Way" by Knife Girl


Now 22, Lili Aslo began releasing music nine years ago. After using various professional names, she settled on Knife Girl in 2021. We are completely unaware of the reason that name was chosen, but we will opine that her music is the sharpest of pop/rock with a big, euphoric sound and plenty of bounce. Her first album as Knife Girl will be Uniform, and you can test drive it with new single "The Good Times Are Coming Your Way". It is out now as a digital release.

In addition to Lili Aslo, the band is comprised of Kalle Kauranen (bass), Joona Kinnunen (drums/bongo), Anttoni Hill (guitar), Eetu Tuominen (guitar), Laura Salmenkallio (guitar), Reko Kalkaja (piano/synth), and Aapo Soulanto (saxophone/synth). Uniform will be out September 28 via Soliti Music.




Bandcamp for single

Various links for single

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