Monday, March 28, 2022

Neutrals - Bus Stop Nights EP


There are punk bands that are all thunder and fury. We respect the passion and listen avidly, but at times the art of the song is lost. Then there are bands that declare themselves punk, but seem to like the idea of being a punk band while really being a pop rock band. And then there is a rare punk-oriented band that has the incisive writing and aggressive performing, but also understands the need for a hook, a laugh and a melody. Such a band are Oakland, California's Neutrals. They have all of that plus a well-earned Scottish accent with frontman Allan McNaughton. We have covered their albums, and their shorter records as well, regardless of label or format. We are happy to do so again with their new Bus Stop Nights EP. Four great songs that remind the jaded listeners that great music is still being written and recorded.

Neutrals are Allan McNaughton (guitar/vocals), Phil Benson (bass/vocals), and Philip Lantz (drums/vocals). Bus Stop Nights is available now in vinyl and digital formats.




Bandcamp for EP


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