Monday, March 28, 2022

U.S. Highball - A Parkhead Cross Of The Mind

Jangly and sunny powerpop from Scotland? Someone knows our preferences very well. Our soundtrack of choice the past two days has been Parkhead Cross Of The Mind by Glasgow duo U.S. Highball. The project of long-time friends James Hindle and Calvin Halliday, U.S. Highball makes the kind of classic indie pop that never goes out of style because it is always welcome. Yet Calvin and Halliday's songs seem to us to have a special bit extra -- a mix of humor, classic sixties two-part harmonies and original-sounding hooks. Adding all that to the jangle pop template and homemade charm, you have an album that demands plenty of repeats.

The album is out now  in digital and vinyl formats via Lame-O Records (United States) and Bingo Records (UK)

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