Thursday, March 17, 2022

Young Guv - GUV III


Toronto's Ben Cook, formerly guitarist for Fucked Up, has been rebirthed himself as Young Guv -- a master of power pop, paisley underground and the associated fine arts of jangle, sweeter than sweet melodies and grand choruses. And on previous recent albums GUV I and GUV II he crafted it as well as anyone else in that space, and better than most. But on GUV III, he shows that new heights can be achieved, and he has scaled them and planted his flag. The album plays more like a career hits compilation than a single LP. Perhaps the time afforded by the pandemic helped, but the simple answer usually is the correct one -- Ben is just that talented. So dig in for your power pop treat of the season, and pray for GUV IV to arrive in the future.

GUV III is out now via Run For Cover Records.



Bandcamp for GUV III

Run For Cover Records page for Young Guv releases

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