Saturday, March 19, 2022

Good Grief - Shake Your Faith


While you can listen to it any time you please, Shake Your Faith by Liverpool band Good Grief strikes us as an album made for Saturday nights. It is indie rock that hits your gut like Husker Du  and other great alternative guitar bands, and adds a punk edge. That fact that is a bit more adventuresome and literate than the normal indie rock fair, of course, just adds another layer of interest. Good Grief has been on our radar for almost ten years, but with the twists and turns of life and a world-wide pandemic, Shake Your Faith arrives in 2022 as their debut LP. No harm done -- this is a thoughtfully conceived and carefully constructed indie rock album that is well worth your time.

The good people of Good Grief are Will Fitzpatrick (guitar/vocals), Paul Abbott (bass/vocals), and Matiss Dale. Shake Your Faith is out in vinyl and digital formats March 18 via HHBTM Records and Everything Sucks Music.

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