Saturday, March 12, 2022

"Eye Know Who You Are" by Garbage & the Flowers

Garbage & the Flowers may not be a household name, even among music fans. But as we aren't devoted to major label/Tik Tok/Influencer/X million stream artists here, we're quite OK with that. Don't get us wrong -- we are all in favor of worthy artists becoming successful. It's just that we have decided to help those who haven't gotten to that point and may not even be trying to get to that point, but make music that moves us.

So, um, where were we? Oh yes, Garbage & the Flowers. What we (think we) know is that the core of the band is Yuri Frusin and Helen Johnstone. From time to time their ranks have included Paul Yates, Heath Cozen, Torben Tilly, Rebecca Davies, Kristen Wineera, and Stuart Porter. Their name comes from a line in Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne". They released a small amount of well regarded music in the past few decades, and they have a new five-song album titled Cinnamon Sea coming out on May 13 via Fire Records. The label lists the band as hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, but the album was recorded in Freyerstown in Victoria, Australia.

Our -- and your -- first taste of Cinnamon Sea is "Eye Know Who You Are". We think the song showcases the band's ability to created ramshackle, jangling pop gems, and it is the sort of music that touches us at our core. And we like being touched that way. 



Bandcamp for Cinnamon Sea

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