Thursday, March 24, 2022

"Around You" by Say Sue Me


Say Sue Me is a talented four piece from Busan, South Korea that we have been following since 2018. The band demonstrates formidable chops playing fuzzy pop and indie rock, and adds a surfy vibe. While Say Sue Me's sound reflects the exuberance of youth, the themes turn a bit darker and more reflective for their new album, the forthcoming The Last Thing Left. However, the  upbeat sound remains, as featured in the lead single, "Around You".

Byungkyu Kim (lead guitar), Sumi Choi (vocals/rhythm guitar) Jaeyoung Kim (bass) and Sungwan Lim (Drums). The Last Thing Left, due May 13 via Damnably Records and Beach Town Music.





Various links for single and album

Bandcamp for album

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