Tuesday, April 9, 2024

"Here Comes the Order of Malta" by Oh Boland


This makes back to back posts for Meritorio Records artists, but there are no apologies from us. When a track makes us feel as alive as "Here Comes the Order of Malta", then we will promote it as if we are paid to do so (which we certainly are not). A couple of bars in we want to climb into the car, roll down the windows and crank up the music. To keep peace in the neighborhood we might also start the car and drive -- just kidding, this song demands that we drive. It reeks of vitality, of adventure, of 'get out and do something'. 

The song is the first single from the upcoming Western Leisure, the third album from Oh Boland.  band-now-solo-project of Irishman Niall Murphy. Western Leisure will be released May 31 via Meritorio Records most everywhere and Safe Suburban Home in the UK.



Bandcamp for pre-order of Western Leisure

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