Sunday, April 7, 2024

"Garden" by Stephen's Shore


The last few weeks have been tending the post surgery needs of a relative that was a teenager in the '60s, and in California and other parts of the West Coast. So it seems to us that the perfect song to celebrate our return is the rousing '60s-inspired "Garden" by Swedish band Stephen's Shore. We would understand if it made you want to grab a surfboard and head to the beach, because that is exactly what came to our minds (right before the the realization that we no longer have surfboards). But at least we have "Garden" and our memories ...

"Garden" is the first single from the upcoming EP Neptune, which is due May 10 via Madrid's Meritorio Records. Stephen's Shore are Viktor Sjodin, Johan Dittmer, Mattias Bergqvist, P.A. Blomqvist, and Erik Stackpole Undehn.


Bandcamp for "Garden"

Bandcamp for Neptune

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