Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Ryann Gonsalves - Ouch


We applaud anyone that releases a self-reflective album titled Ouch! on Valentine's Day. I guess we are just wounded romantics. But Ryann Gonsalves' debut LP deserves applause for more than its title and release date. The focus is inward on the composer, but it reflects a strong sense of self and is infused with humor and whimsey. An able musician as well as a vocalist and songwriter, the songs are pleasing and, while concise, well-formed. There are plenty of rewards for the listeners in Ouch!; it is one of those albums that just makes us happy to play. We already counted ourselves as fans of other projects in which Ryann participates. Now we can look forward to more of her solo work as well.

Ouch! is out now in digital and cassette formats via Oakland's Dandy Boy Records. Ryann also is the frontperson for Torrey and plays in Aluminum and Reality TV.


Bandcamp for "Ouch!"

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