Friday, March 1, 2024

Cool Sounds - BUG0BEAT


In our opinion, Melbourne's Cool Sounds has their own sub-genre. We call it Discoglamjangle (no, no one has ever hired us to create advertising campaigns). The components are a sturdy, danceable beat, a glammy '70s soft rock sound and dose of jangle, and they never fail to wield it in a way that brings a high level of aural satisfaction. Cool Sounds has made their 2024 appearance with a six-track EP titled BUG0BEAT. The song is the lead and title track of their upcoming EP, which is due March 1 via Chapter Music. Press play and enjoy the Discoglamjangle. We have embedded the entire EP below because, well, it makes us so happy that we firmly believe that everyone needs BUG0BEAT.

The main man of Cool Sounds is Dainis Lacey, who is joined by Dylan Young for the creation of the BUG0BEAT EP. The EP is out now via Chapter Music.


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