Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Hanemoon - Rain or Shine


How about some sweet, sincere jangle pop to gladden the heart? Rain or Shine comes from Berlin by way of Portland, Oregon, courtesy of Hanemoon. The melodies are varied but invariably delightful and the arrangements are dynamic and agile. As the title says -- rain or shine -- these are tunes for all weather any any mood.

Hanemoon is Hans Forster, who also is a member of Seaside Stars and Man Behind Tree. Rain or Shine is out now via Jigsaw Records which also has the previous Hanemoon albums. A very important note for buyers is that you should use the links below. A scammer has created a fake Jigsaw site with the 'dot shop' suffix, and you will lose your money if you try to buy there.



Bandcamp for Rain or Shine

Jigsaw Records page for album

Bandcamp for previous releases

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