Thursday, March 21, 2024

Dancer - 10 Songs I Hate About You


We don't know the members of Glasgow's Dancer personally, but we suspect that they may be as fond of caffeine as the WYMA staff. The songs on their new album for Meritorio Records, 10 Songs I Hate About You, are bursting with energy, purpose and a rare level of inventiveness. All of that, the ace musicianship and the distinctive vocals of Gemma Fleet make this album one of the most distinctive and treasured of the year so far.  

I don't know why they call themselves Dancer, but our imagination tells us that their music dances across our brains led Fred and Ginger. The album a warm heart and a good dose of wit. It unspools like a live show with Gemma announcing the title of each song and guitarist Chris Taylor and bassist Andrew Doig seeming to freestyle to great effect while drummer Gavin Murdoch keeps it all grounded.

10 Songs I Hate About You is out now via Meritorio Records.



Bandcamp for album

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