Monday, March 18, 2024

"Acid Island 45" by Kindsight


We took a break to assist a family member who had surgery last week, but she is on the road to recovery and we are back at the keyboard. And we celebrate our return with the rush of excitement embodied in "Acid Island 45", the new single by Danish band Kindsight. The introductory guitar squall, break-an-arm drumming and full-out pace made us think that in another world this would be on a greatest hits compilation from the Shop Assistants. And that is intended to be high praise. The song is taken from the upcoming No Fame No Shame, which will be out April 19 via Rama Lama Records

Kindsight are Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen (vocals/guitar), Soren Svensson (guitar), Anders Prip (bass), and Johannes Jacobsen (drums). .




Bandcamp for single

Various links for "Acid Island 45"

Bandcamp for album pre-orders

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