Thursday, February 2, 2023

John McCabe - Somehow Or Another (2017​-​2022 EPs and singles compilation)


With 26 songs and a range that encompasses Americana, alt country, indie rock and jangle, Somehow Or Another (2017​-​2022 EPs and singles compilation) has songs that are certain to please any indie fan. The artist is California singer, songwriter, and guitarist John McCabe. John has released five EPs and some singles since 2017, and this record collects all of them. The country/American-oriented material has heft and and authenticity. As for the songs in the pop and rock channel -- which, to our ears, is most of the album -- useful touchstones are R.E.M. and Miracle Legion (John's vocals even sound like Michael Stipe's). John's lyrical perspective seems to be the loner, looking in at the world. But the material isn't soft and mournful. His vocals adorn full-blooded electric guitar arrangements in overdrive. Quite simply, it sounds wonderful.

The album is out now via Janglepophub in digital and CD formats. By the way, John also plays in a band called Good At Rockets.




Bandcamp for Album

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