Monday, January 30, 2023

Tubs - Dead Meat


Dead Meat was released last Friday so music fans with their ear to the ground for great new releases probably have listened to it several dozen times by now. For the rest of the world (including those waiting for us to bestir ourselves and write a post), it is time for you to hear one of the better albums of 2023. And yes, we are confident in making this statement less than one full month into the year.

The album is by Tubs whose members count several bands in their backgrounds. Notably, two members are Owen Williams and George Nicholls who were in Welsh band Joanna Gruesome. Other projects on the members' resumes include Snifanny & The Nits, The Snivellers ns SUEP. The band sketches their songs with a wide palette, encompassing post punk, '80s alternative, scrappy jangle. punk aggression and Frightened Rabbit-style folk rock. No matter the breadth, every song has deceptive complexity but fits together like a perfect puzzle. All that is left for the players is to sell it, and oh, do they sell it with fire and intelligence in equal measure.

Dead Meat is out now in CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats via Trouble In Mind Records.




Bandcamp for album

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