Monday, January 23, 2023

Peter Hall - About Last Night


Nottingham's Peter Hall is an artist that deserves a wider audience. His musical territory is melodic rock and power pop. His previous EP and debut LP both made our rotations, so we were eager to hear his new mini album, About Last Night. In our view, this work is even more remarkable than its predecessors. We think Peter's special talent is the ability to craft songs that simultaneously tickle the brain and touch the heart. And a post-breakup album sung by a narrator that did not want the breakup does hit the heartstrings. But teardrops aside, the compositions are melodic and delivered in a pleasant and affecting high tenor. Other than our pleasure at the quality of the music, we had the feeling that we weren't hearing the songs for the first time, but rather they were treasured pieces from our catalog.

About Last Night is out now via Subjangle.

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