Sunday, January 22, 2023

Spice World - There Is No I In Spice World


There Is

There is No I In Spice World may be an odd title, but we are here for the music, not the title. And what music this is! Freemantle's Spice World has graced us with ten tracks of pop ranging from jangling and upbeat to languid and careworn. We are reminded at times of Dick Diver, but Spice World is a bit shaggier and has a 'live to tape' informality of their own. But don't assume that spontaneity means lack of quality. These are inspired compositions, sincerely performed. And  There is No I In Spice World just may be one of the better albums you will hear in the first quarter of 2023.

Spice World are Jonny Burrows, Lyndon Blue, Julia Suddenly, Rhian Todhunter, and Layla Martin. The album is out now via Tenth Court and Meritorio. If you order vinyl, US orders will ship from Portland and European orders will ship from Spain, reducing the mailing costs.

Bandcamp for album

Tenth Court Records page for vinyl

Meritorio Records page for vinyl

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