Wednesday, January 25, 2023

"Gone Tomorrow" by The Bluebells

Glasgow's The Bluebells have a reputation in knowing indie circles that is outsized in relation to their duration (a few years in the '80s and a couple of reunions) or output. But the reputation is deserved. One of the finer jangle/new wave bands of their era, they produced polished songs that transcended the music produced by many of their contemporaries. Although the core members went on to other projects, they have reformed and will release The Bluebells In The 21st Century, their first LP in a few decades on April 28. Lead single "Gone Tomorrow" is out now, and it is a cracker with a bouncing rhythm and soulful vocals. Strutting and breezy, it made our week. Two more singles will drop before the album. This is a very welcome return.

The Bluebells In The 21st Century will be available in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Last Night From Glasgow.


Various links for "Gone Tomorrow"

Label page to pre-order the album

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