Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Sundries - Full of the Joys of Spring and Magic Johnson EPs


The music of The Sundries is like getting an injection of sunshine directly into your brain. No matter the weather outside, you will be convinced that the sun is sparkling, the breezes warm, and everyone is smiling. Oh, sure, not every lyric is happy. But the melodies are buoyant and the vocals are affecting. If your mood isn't elevated after listening to Full of he Joys of Spring and Magic Johnson EPs, seek professional help.

As you may have discerned from the mouthful of a title, the album combines two previously released EPs. Tracks one through four are from Full of the Joys of Spring EP (released digitally in 2022), and tracks five through nine are from the Magic Johnson EP (released digitally in 2020). The compilation is out now in digital and CD formats via Subjangle. The first-released EP is a bit scrappier, and the second-released EP a bit poppier. But both are well worth your time.


Bandcamp for album

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