Wednesday, January 11, 2023

"Nowhere To Go" and "Chance Encounters" by Blues Lawyer


It isn't true that just because WYMA has lawyers on its staff we are obligated to cover any band that references lawyers. Even if the band includes no actual lawyers. However, when a band proves itself to be a hook generator, a riff machine, and creator of some thoughtful tunes in a pop rock wrapper, we are all in. And what we are into is San Francisco foursome Blues Lawyer. Formed about six years ago, the band will release their third album, All In Good Time, next month. Check out the first two singles below. Sure, they may not be real lawyers, but who wants to need (or pay) a real lawyer?

Blues Lawyer are Elyse Schrock (drums/vocals), Rob I. Miller (vocals/guitar), Ellen Matthews (guitars), and Alejandra Alcala (bass/backing vocals). All In Good Time will be out February 17 via Dark Entries Records.



Bandcamp for singles and album pre-orders

Dark Entries Records

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