Monday, February 20, 2023

Blues Lawyer - All In Good Time


It seems to us that the members of Bay Area band Blues Lawyer, when faced with choices ranging from melodic, hooky pop to punky rock, checked the "all of the above" box. Ambitious? Sure. Cocky? Maybe. But there is no doubt in our minds that on All In Good Time they killed it. The hooks and melodies bounce around happily in your noggin while the drums and bass feel like they are living inside your chest. This is what good rock music should feel like. And with 14 tracks, no one can complain about the value proposition here. Every song make a case for being your favorite. Fortunately, you don't have to choose.  We previously covered album tracks "Nowhere to Go" and "Chance Encounters", and while they are highlight tracks we think you deserve a broader dive into the noisy buffet. We selected a few of our favorites, but truthfully we could have thrown darts blindfolded (however, after the last time we did that our insurance broker had a word with us -- we shouldn't have left the window open).

Blues Lawyer are Elyse Schrock (drums/vocals), Rob I. Miller (vocals/guitar), Ellen Matthews (guitars), and Alejandra Alcala (bass/backing vocals). All In Good Time is out now via Dark Entries Records.



Bandcamp for album

Dark Entries Records

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