Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"Letters to Melissa" by Model Shop


Despite Model Shop being a new band with no discography to pour through, we can confidently predict that we will love their debut album, Love Interest. Is that due to their first single from the album, the upbeat and impossibly breezy "Letters to Melissa"? Well, that would be enough. But being professional amateur music blog writers we have an additional reason. We happen to know that the two gentlemen in the trio, Kevin and Ethan, were members of one of our all-time favorite Puget Sound area indie pop bands, the late Math and Physics Club. They are joined by Jen Fox (Julep, Way South, These People Here). The name of this new project has a similar vibe to M&PC, but the first single is decidedly less twee. We think treats are coming, boys and girls.

Model Shop are Kevin Emerson (vocals/drums), Jen Fox (Bass), and Ethan Jones (vocals/guitar). Love Interest will be released November 25 via Spanish label Meritorio Records. Note that US orders will shop from Portland, thus avoiding expensive shipping charges.


Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for Love Interest

Meritorio Records link for Love Interest

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