Friday, September 30, 2022

The Delgodos ride again


As music obsessives I don't think we are unusual in having a list of bands that have called it a day that we really wish would start recording and touring again. We are not talking about the musicians that have died, just those who for whatever reason stepped away from recording and performing. One of those bands prominent on our list is Glasgow band The Delgados. We own and still play a number of their releases, including The Great Eastern, Hate, Universal Audio, The Complete BBC Peel Sessions and Peloton. But they haven't released a new album or played together live since 2005. We had heard that the band didn't feel that their artistry was sufficiently appreciated, and we also expect that life may have made other demands on their time. It should be noted that they didn't completely leave the industry, as there were a few solo albums (we have one by Emma and I was listening to Alun's Lord Cut Glass album recently), excellent production work by Paul Savage, and running Chemikal Underground, the fine label they founded.

We recently learned that The Delgados are rehearsing and have announced a tour in January 2023. All the dates are in the UK between January 20 and January 25 in Brighton, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow. By now, some may be sold out but UK fans should check the band's website for dates and ticket availability. If one of the shows was near us, we would be there no matter the price. Sure, one of the members once disparaged the value of music blogs, but if we took such things seriously we would take advertising, accept payola, or respond in print to call attention to our presumed importance. We just can't hold a grudge about someone not valuing our hobby. 

And even if you don't have the resources to attend one of the reunion shows, take the opportunity to wander through their albums at the Bandcamp link and consider adding a few. The Delgados aren't fad music -- the quality endures.

The Delgados are Stewart Henderson (bass), Emma Pollock (vocal/guitar), Paul Savage (drums), and Alun Woodward (vocals/guitar).

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