Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pierre & Bastien - Musique Grecque

Look behind the name Pierre & Bastien, and you will find no Pierre, no Bastien, and no duo (although they were a duo before they added a live drummer).  Instead you will find Paul Jimenes, Baptiste Nollet and Frédéric Trux, three Frenchmen who offer tightly wound punk rock.  On their most recent album, Musique Grecque, the guitars chug and buzz, and Frédéric's drums relentless push a brisk pace.  The urgently voiced lyrics are in French, but I found that fact neither distracting nor detracting.  If you are a fan of The Wire, Terry Malts, or Parquet Courts, you owe it to yourself to give this record a spin.

Musique Grecque is out now via SDZ Records.   It is available in a limited run of vinyl, but the digital download is available for 'name your price'.

Bandcamp for album
SDZ Records

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