Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Fabergettes - Big Bruiser

The element of fun is strong in this one.  The Big Bruiser EP is four tracks of retro, garagey pop-punk with female lead vocals and male/female backing vocals.  The subjects are lighthearted and the delivery enthusiastic.  All of this is courtesy of Sydney's The Fabergettes.  The timing means that the Southern Hemisphere fans get a summer album in the springtime, and the Northern Hemisphere fans get a summer album in the fall.  But with infectious tunes such as these offered for "name your price", I don't want to hear any complaints from those heading for winter.  Try The Fabergettes out on track two, "Little White Lie".  If you like it, stream all four tracks below, and then hit the download link.  Buy some summer at a low, low price.

The Fabergettes are Nat (vocals/guitar), Bec (bass/back up vocals), Brendan (guitar/back up vocals), and Nick (drums).


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