Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Mars" video from Tangerine

Tangerine certainly is on my short list of bands from Seattle who have the stuff to break out from the pack.  Of course, nothing is certain in this business.  But writing good songs, having great vocals and excellent musical performances go a long way.  Looking good isn't a liability either.  The music doesn't follow a rigid template, but the discerning listener will note some classic pop/rock influences and a delicious dose of girl groups.  We reviewed their recent Radical Blossom EP (here), and I think it is one of the top ten EPs I've heard this year.  They just released a video for track 3, "Mars", focusing on the recording of the song.

Tangerine are sisters Miro (drums/vocals) and Marika Justad (vocals/guitar/keys), and Ryan (bass/vocals) and Toby (guitar/vocals).


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