Saturday, October 26, 2013

What a great song: "Hacienda Motel" by Pickwick

We cover a lot of good albums, EPs and singles here, but I think there is room to just showcase a great song, new or old, separate release or not.  Today's choice is "Hacienda Motel" by Seattle band Pickwick.  The song is the third track on their 2013 LP, Can't Talk Medicine, and for me it was the standout track on a solid album.  What makes it a great song?  It is the whole package.  The individual performances are great, from the Memphis soul opening featuring the bass, drums and keys, to Galen Disston's superb vocals, to the restrained guitar.  The arrangement is interesting and builds well.  And the lyrics draw you in from the start:
That whore she left you bloody
On the motel lobby floor
Even though she took your money
You know she needed more 
Here is the official video:

We didn't review the album when it came out (our request to PR was ignored - perhaps I should have said I was from Pitchfork and promised to deconstruct the lyrics), but if you like "Hacienda Motel" I suggest that you check out a few more songs.  I think it is a very promising debut album.


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