Thursday, October 17, 2013

"The Urge" by Surf Bored

My admiration for the quality of music released by Atlanta label This Is American Music is well known around here.  I expect that at the end of the year several of their releases will grace my most recommended albums list, and I'm always eager to listen to their next offering.  One of the bands working with TIAM is Surf Bored (no, that isn't a typo), an Athens, Georgia band comprised of four musicians who also play in other bands.  Their debut offering is "The Urge", and it is available as a free download.  The song is features ringing, crunching guitars and a nice, hook-filled melody that may make you nostalgic for the waning days of summer.  My understanding is that Surf Bored plans a few more song releases and then a debut album in 2014.  We're looking forward to it.

Surf Bored members are Jack Blauvelt (drums and guitar; from Dana Swimmer), John Riccetelli (guitar; from Dana Swimmer), Nick Carroll (bass; from The Woodgrains), and T.J. Mimbs (guitar and drums; from The District Attorneys).  All four members provide vocals.

This Is American Music

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