Sunday, October 6, 2013

Colornoise - Polychronic

I suspect that when most of our readers think about Costa Rica they have images of warm beaches, coffee plantations, and vacations.  We here at WYMA also think about noise rock.  But that is because we received an email from the talented Sonya Carmona and Alison Alvarado of Colornoise.  Sonya sings and plays the guitar, and Alison plays the drums.  Already established as a talent in Central America, they are beginning to spread their wings to North and South America with shows in Toronto and Brazil.  You can experience Colornoise via their 8-song Polychronic EP.  And what does it sound like?  It sounds like the ladies have a number of influences, and while a general description could be garage rock, you'll hear dark post-punk, as well as pop and psychedelic sounds.  It seems to me that the band would not be out of place sharing a bill with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The lead track from their EP is "Button", which you can experience in video form below --

Here is "Pieces" --

If you'd like to stream the entire EP, you can do so below or at the Bandcamp link at the end of this post.


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