Monday, October 28, 2013

Joey Fourr / H. Grimace - Nothing Beats Reality EP

One of this week's releases that may fly under the radar, but shouldn't, is the  Nothing Beats Reality EP It is a split cassette from the Bad Paintings label featuring three songs by Joey Fourr and three songs by H. Grimace, released by UK label Bad Paintings.  A purchase of the cassette will entail a digital download code.  The artists combined to create the art work for the EP.

Joey Fourr's tracks are an exuberant, electric grunge-folk, or maybe bubblegum grunge, recorded by Joey at home with the assistance of a drum machine. The former Tubelord member infuses the songs with a Bikini Kill vibe, but with some pop vocal hooks peeking out from the chaos.  Here is the second track, "Dirty Hole" --

H. Grimace's tracks take a different tack.  Part post grunge, part '60s Velvet Underground, the songs have an urgent moody feel to them, and I like them quite a bit.  "End of the Road" and "Cemza" are provided below for your evaluation, I'm particularly fond of the former.

H. Grimace 'Cemza' from Maurizio Von Trapp on Vimeo.

A download of the EP also is available at iTunes.

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