Thursday, October 24, 2013

"I'll Be Honest" from The Spook School

The Spook School makes somewhat regular appearances on these pages.  I assure you that they are not blackmailing me due to their possession of scandalous pictures of me.  I think they throw away all the photos I send them.  No, they are frequently featured because they make good music (and have a good sense of humor).    Today's focus is on their double A-Side, "I'll Be Honest" / "Will You Always Be My Friend" 7".  Released on Fortuna POP!, the first side is an energetic song with garage punk flourishes - perhaps a touch of The Buzzcocks.  It concerns the narrator's discovery that some friends knew more than others about certain aspects of the narrator's life.  "Will You Always Be Me Friend?" is a more twee/C86 song about figuring out how relationships work.  The 7" vinyl comes with a digital download.

This is good pop music from a band that deserves some success.

"I'll Be Honest", via stream and video:

"Will You Always Be Me Friend?", via stream:

The Spook School also has released an album titled Dress Up on Fortuna POP!  You may stream and evaluate it here.  "I'll Be Honest" is included on the album, but "Will You Always Be Me Friend?" is available only on the double A-Side single.

The Spook School are Nye Todd (guitar), Adam Todd (guitar), Anna Cory (bass), and Niall McCamley (drums).  They reside in Edinburgh.

Fortuna POP!

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